The Yocan STIX Review — Yay or Nay?

Yocan has just released their newest oil and e-liquid vaporizer, the STIX, and we’re here to review and check how it stacks up against the competition.


What’s New?

The Yocan STIX Vaporizer features an innovative design that seemingly deviates from the traditional pen-style vaporizer setup. Yocan likes to call it the “independent storage,” it’s basically a removable and replaceable cartridge for oils and e-liquid that can be refilled with any type of liquid concentrate.

This concept is similar to pod-based vaporizers. Many say that pod vaping is “the next big thing,” a new variety of vaporizers with a design that gives emphasis on stealth and portability. It opens a whole new spectrum of vaping your favorite liquid materials by allowing you to stash a bunch of cartridges and just go about them as you please. I’d say pod vapes are ideal for flavor chasers who like to add a little variety to their daily vaping routine. It’s a good way to prevent vapers tongue. By carrying different juice flavors or by changing the kind of e-juice you vape every day will help you prevent developing this condition.

Pen-style vaporizers, on the other hand, offer better power and customization features like temperature control. Temperature control is important especially when you’re vaping liquid materials that may have varying consistencies, it also allows you to adjust the density of your vapors from thin wisps of mists to visible fat clouds.

But what if you want both? That’s simple, get yourself a STIX.


The Best of Both Worlds

The Yocan STIX perfectly marries the strengths of both the pen-style vaporizer and the pod-based vaporizer. With the STIX you get temperature control and a refillable cartridge, now that’s true versatility.

The independent storage of the Yocan STIX vaporizer is a carefully engineered liquid reservoir that can completely be removed from the battery. It can be detached and replaced through threaded connections and features a leak-proof design which prevents your liquid materials from spilling out of the chamber. It’s the perfect vaporizer setup for those who always keep their vaporizers in their pockets. This means you oil concentrates and e-liquid materials won’t find their way to your battery, its travel-friendly construction makes for a convenient, on-the-go experience for people who like to vape on their feet. The clear liquid chamber allows you to see how much material you’ve got left so you can easily tell when you’re due for a refill.

The STIX also allows you to adjust the heat level of the atomizer with its variable voltage battery. It perfectly suits oil concentrate and e-liquid consumers who use various kinds of liquid materials that have different consistencies.

I found that low viscosity e-liquids taste better when vaporized at a lower voltage setting, while thicker oils, require a higher voltage setting and higher temperature levels to achieve vapors with fuller flavors. Having a variable voltage battery greatly improves your vaping experience and allows you to try different kinds of liquid materials, an important factor to consider when you want to add variety to your daily vaping rituals.


Pound for Pound

The STIX has some promising features but the question still stands, how well does it compare to vaporizers that have been playing the pod game longer than our newcomer? I’ve found a worthy contender for the STIX and we’ll see just how they match up against each other. To help us with this review here’s the tale of the tape.


KandyPens RUBI Yocan STIX
Auto-Draw Single-Button Control
Leak-Proof Leak-Proof
Ceramic Coils Ceramic Coils
280mAh Battery 320mAh Battery
Temperature Regulated Variable Voltage
Universal Micro-USB Charging Universal Micro-USB Charging
4 inches 4.2 inches


The KandyPens RUBI brings tough competition, however, as you can see from how they compare, the battle for power and versatility goes to Yocan STIX.

Battery capacity plays a huge role in portable vaping, so having a larger, more powerful battery is definitely a win. RUBI’s 280mAh battery can provide users roughly 50 draws per charge while running on 8.5 watts of power. STIX’s 320mAh battery will last depending on your selected voltage level, I was able to get a decent number of draws while on the highest voltage setting and way more than 50 draws running the lowest temperature level. Both feature micro-USB charging so keeping a power bank when you’re out and about usually does the trick for both vaporizers, but if you’re looking for something that would last you longer, you should definitely go for the STIX.

RUBI’s battery is temperature regulated, so by design, it maintains a single temperature level that’s optimized for liquid material consumption. While this ensures a steady and constant vapor production, you have to bear in mind that not all e-liquids and oil concentrates have the same viscosity. Pure cannabis oils that have high doses of THC generally have thicker consistencies while those that are mixed with other essential oils, like coconut oils, tend to be lighter. In e-juices and e-liquids, blends that are high in VG (vegetable glycerin) are thicker and will produce more visible clouds and those that are high in PG (propylene glycol) tend to be runnier and will yield thin clouds that are high on flavor. Having a variable voltage battery compared to a single regulated temperature setting allows you to adjust the heat level depending on what kind of liquid material you’re vaping. This lets you fine-tune the heat level for better, superior results.

In the competition for convenience, both vaporizers are neck and neck. The RUBI measures at 4 inches tall while the STIX stands 4.2 inches, both are leak-proof and are lightweight which makes for perfect, pocketable devices. Their main difference is how they’re operated, for those who like to pull from automatic vaporizers, the RUBI is an excellent choice. Those who prefer the action of a push button will enjoy vaping the STIX. Like automatic and stick-shift cars, your selection between the STIX and the RUBI is greatly influenced by your preference.

I’m surprised how Yocan can improve on something that’s already considered as revolutionary. The STIX proves that it’s a step ahead against the competition and shows the vaping industry that innovative products like the Yocan STIX can come at a reasonable price, the STIX retails almost half as the RUBI while boasting more functional features and groundbreaking design.

So what do you think, is the Yocan STIX a yay or a nay?