Watch Out For Fake Atmos Boss

There are a lot of fake vaporizers on the market right now, and you might even be using one of them and not even know it. With so many different websites and retail locations offering vaporizers of all different kinds from a vast array of companies the choices can be a little overwhelming, but in this article we will teach you what to look for, and how to spot a fake vaporizer. The name of the game is trust. If you are buying from a trusted retailer, then you will virtually never have to worry, as long as the place you get your equipment from is completely legitimate, there is a great chance that you will never get an illegally produced, fake piece. Many retailers have an agreement in place with the manufacturers and that agreement is known as ‘price mapping’.

What price mapping consists of is basically an agreement that the retailer won’t charge over x amount of dollars so that prices of their product will have a sense of market stability and it also allows them to calculate their financial figures better as far as having a set price per model. The reason the retailers are cool with this is because they all have their own, private agreement with the vaporizer companies, and what the actual makers of the vaporizers offer the retailer is a pretty fair amount of commission. They also give them the guarantee that their products are being sourced from the best components on the market, and that their products aren’t being built by people that are working in repressive or dangerous conditions; or even completely against their will i.e. modern day indentured servitude and slavery.

The main thing to remember when shopping for a vaporizer, especially online in particular, is BEWARE OF IMITATORS!!! I will give you one prime example so that you will understand better the huge difference in quality that a real, researched and developed vaporizer uses and that of a counterfeit clone. The Atmos Boss is completely made out of titanium anywhere on the unit that is metal, such as the housing that holds the heating element, and on the cheap, foreign knock offs it is made from cheaply sourced steel or even aluminum and it is produced with no oversight what so ever. They don’t have any type of regulatory committee checking the products that they are making, because what they are doing is illegal, but not only is it illegal, it deceitful, morally wrong and very unsafe for the consumer that will ultimately use the product to heat dried plant matter to over 350• Fahrenheit within a few inches of their face.

If you follow the golden rule you should never have to worry about this. That rule is that if something seems too good to be true it usually is. Whether it’s a cell phone, vaporizer, or even an automobile if the price is insanely ridiculously cheap to the point it’s amazing, you are definitely getting played for a fool. I have found that for the best prices, customer service, quality and selection the site knows exactly what they are doing as far as the whole vaporizer purchase goes. They take care of everything and your vaporizer is always guaranteed to be real, because they bring it straight from the real company that makes it directly to you always following and leading the industry as far as all moral and business ethics are concerned. I have bought from them many times and it has gotten to the point I don’t trust anyone else but them haha. A.B.C. Always Be Careful when buying a vape pen online, just remember your abc’s silly.