Vapor Pens

August 16, 2014

Top Features Of Modern Day Weed Vaping Pens

There are many people that love to buy vapor pens, they’re just very easy and convenient to buy online. There are so many shops that sell pen vapors that it is just a growing trend among many different Americans to buy new vaporizers for sale. If you want to get a vaporizer today, you can start looking at the best places that’ll sell them.

Vaporizers do a lot of good for someone trying to stop smoking. If you want to lay of the combustion and the high costs of cigarettes, it’s time for you to buy a new pen vaporizer for sale. You’ll save over $10,000 a year and will be able to start using really nice vaporizers to inhale vapor gas and get pure, clean high quality vapor coming out. When you first buy a pen vaporizer make sure you don’t buy different flavors, just stick to the type you had and you’ll be able to use it without going back to cigarettes to much. If you’re a daily smoker and smoke a pack a day, a pen vapor will tone it down to a pack every 3 or 4 days. If you like the vapor it’ll tone it down a week but that’s only if you replace it with the correct flavor you used to use. There is a wax pen vaporizer and an oil pen vaporizer, It won’t be a complete stop in smoking for over a few months but if you follow the steps written on this website, you’ll be able to stop all the smoking and get into the rhythm of saving more money.

weed pens for vaping wax and oils

Overall Battery Life Increasing

As you search online you’ll have to find the correct vapor pens, there are so many. You’ll want to find a pretty strong one, with over 900mAH of battery power in it so it’ll take strong pulls and help you stop smoking. Make sure it is between 900-1100 mAH so you know it’ll last you a couple days without a charge. You can also go with the Vision Spinner 2 with 1600 mAh of battery power, it is a neat battery you can use on most cartomizers and atomizers.  Make sure you buy a new vapor pen that has an oil tank with no wick. Wick vapor pens you have to replace the wick every so often and it can get annoying having to order more online since you just want the stuff right away cause there isn’t a smoke shop in every city. But if you follow these simple rules you’ll be able to have a great pen vaporizer to use daily. The ones that only take a couple hours to charge are the good ones you should stick to. But buying a new pen vaporizer isn’t that hard.