Types Of Vape Pen & Portable Vapes You Need


So you want a vape pen? The wonderful thing about vape pens is there’s so many different types to buy. You need to figure out exactly what you’re buying your vaporizer pen for. Are you a dabbing person? Do you like vaping oils? Do you like vaping herbs? Well we are going to show you exactly what type of options you have so you can figure out which ones you want to buy. We are also going to show you a few of the best vaporizer pens in the world that are for sale and you can buy online. Figuring out your needs is important, hopefully we can help you out and we’ll give you a good place to start looking for the device that’ll be your go to vape.

There’s many different vaporizer pens for sale to purchase that is compatible with your needs. Finding the correct one can sometimes be a challenge. You want to make sure that you have a reasonable budget. I’d just like to mention first off, don’t place on buying a cheap vaporizer pen, it just won’t work out for you, will cause to much problems and will eventually break as you’ll further distance yourself from it and eventually use your old method of vaporization. We want to make sure you get everything you expect out of a vaporizer so it is important for you to pay attention while taking notes.

Types of Vaporization Heating Technology

There’s conduction heating and there’s convection heating. Up front an honest for herbs you want to use the convection heating because with herbs, the heating element never touches the herbs at all, instead the botanical on the herbs are extracted into vapor from the hot air. This causes the purest and best tasting vapor to use. When you use herbs on conduction heating, the risk of combustion greatly goes up, you must use a glass screen and even using a glass screen the vapor pen will turn into smoke and basically you have a good working smoke pipe. Conduction heating is best used with wax dabbing as well as oil concentrates. All in one kits are a great option but these kits are normally for people that want to vape waxes and oils and the herbal attachment always comes with one but this is a type of vaporizer kit when it comes down to it and you happen to have a little bit of herbs to vape, then it is fine to use a conduction vaporizer because you won’t be using it much often and it’ll prove better than smoking a joint or blunt wrap.

Why Vape?

Inhaling carcinogens, nasty factor chemicals, butane, hot residue burnt air isn’t a good thing at all for your cardiovascular system. When you’re vaping you will experience pure flavor, 85% more potency, better taste and carcinogen free vapor. This proves a lot more healthy of an alternative to smoking when you’re using a quality vaporizer.

Best with Waxes & Oils

atmos i4 vaporizer

Atmos i4 Vaporizer

The Atmos i4 Vaporizer $139.95

This is a vape pen kit you want to have. It is an amazing vaporizer and built compact comes with 5 glass cartridges you simply snap into the i4 Adapter. The Vaporizer is only 5 inches tall which is perfect for fitting into your pocket. This vaporizer is very capable of producing very thick vapor and is actually a vaporizer kit you can use with herbs since it is also a convection heating vaporizer. The Ion Atomization system cleans itself out and is built in mind for your health since it will deliver very clean and effective vapor. The Mechanical Boot System is specifically made to regulate the amount of power you want to deliver to the i4 since you’re in complete control of this vaporizer.

Overall the Atmos i4 Is the better kit to go with if you’re using it for waxes, oils and even herbs. The small cartridges only fit about .4 grams so if you’re out on the go, you want to make sure you have all 5 cartridges pre-loaded so you won’t have to fill them yourself since it is rather difficult to because of the small diameter. You can buy the Atmos i4 Vaporizer for less than $140 which is a very good buy especially cause of the discreet and durable design.

Best With Herbs

vicod 5g

Atmos Vicod 5G Kit

The Atmos Vicod 5G Vaporizer $119.95

If you want a very powerful vaporizer with a durable stainless steel outer shell and a intuitive design as it looks like an older Nokia cell phone version than the Atmos vicod 5G is the answer and vaporizer to buy. It has a strong 2200mAH battery that’ll last a long time before having to charge it as you get 4 hours on consistent use and charging only takes 3 hours. The Vicod 5G has a temperature range of 300 degrees Fahrenheit to over 435 degrees Fahrenheit and you can adjust the Fahrenheit by 1 degree up or down to give yourself a precise heating settings. The Atmos Vicod has a beautiful OLED interface to where changing the temperature is a breeze and monitoring the battery level is upfront. The Atmos Vicod 5G is only 3″ long and can fit into any pocket easily without a problem.

Overall the Atmos Vicod 5G is your best bet if you’re trying to buy a convection vaporizer to quicky vaporize your herbs. It only takes 30 seconds for you to reach the optimal temperature and inhaling clean vapor is always there as you won’t ever experience any type of combustion when using the Atmos Vicod 5G. It is a small and compact vaporizer to own and can be yours for under $120 which is a steal.

Best With Waxes

cloud penz 3.0

Cloud Penz 3.0 Kit

Cloud Penz 3.0 Vaporizer Wax Dabbing Kit $89.95

This is the ultimate dabbing kit you need to buy, uses lithium ion 3.0 batteries and has double the battery power from the older version as it uses 650mAH batteries. It’s equipped with all the atomizers you need to effectively have a kick-ass dabbing kit. The Glass globe attachment is a good reason to shove a chunk of shatter inside it as it’ll melt and be converted into oil to where you can vape it without any problems or mess. The hash oil will soak into the silica wick and will be stored for later use. The Battery has a battery light indicator to let you know when you can use it as well as knowing and understanding the low battery indicator levels. The technology of quality with the dual ceramic-rod titanium and hand-wrapped coil atomizers makes it noticeably understandable that these atomizers will last a very long time compared to other brands. the Media a2.0T atomizer, Cloud Atlas 3 Globe and the Atomizer base is all version upgrades of the Cloud Penz kit that are very great quality and will give you significant and very strong dabbing pulls.

Overall the Cloud Penz 3.0 kit is the perfect vaporizer kit for you to buy if you’re into dabbing. With titanium technology and all the atomizers you need to have a very effective vaping session is completely that best way to go with all the time it took into making these vaporizer pens the Cloud Penz team has perfected a kit worthy of buying. It also comes with an herbal atomizer to use herbs but as we mentioned earlier, conduction heating isn’t a good option so you will want to use this attachment as less as possible.

Understanding Everything

Read this article carefully to understand everything for you to buy the perfect vaporizer kit. If you follow our advice, you will notice the kit will work exactly as we mentioned so you will want to follow the exact compatibility these kits will do for you and how you want to vape. If you need any other types of vaporizer pens, we recommend you heading over to YourVaporizers.com to buy a quality unit, they have a great team that’ll help you with all your vaping needs and answer all your questions.