The Haze Vaporizer

The Haze Vaporizer

haze full vaporizer kit black stealth

An amazing portable vaporizer that has dual functions where you can load your herbs and vaporizer your oils at the same time giving the user a unique taste of what its like to vaporize oils and herbs. With a stainless steel and glass mouthpiece, you’ll be sure that you have that best tasting vapor in the world. It has four pre-set temperatures and can reach temperatures in about 90 seconds. The chambers are very safe with steel walls that allow the chamber to heat up at various temperatures. The Haze vaporizer will prevent any type of combustion allowing the user to experience full satisfaction with no disappointment. The Haze has a strong battery and will last for hours with the LED indicator lights letting you know how much power is left.

haze vaporizer version 3.0

The New Haze Vaporizer 3.0

This vaporizer is becoming one of the most popular vaporizers as it was featured in the NY times. It runs with both convection heating and conduction heating. Forced hot air blows up through the mouthpiece as it focuses on heating the herbal material. Or you can choose the conduction heating and let your materials sit on top of the heating element. Most people like the convection heating cause it distributes cleaner vapor and the risk of combustion is lessen. Even though the Haze costs an arm and a leg, it’ll definitely be worth the investment as you’ll save almost a thousand dollars a month if you’re a daily smoker and you’ll lessen the chance of health care costs.