Watch Out For Fake Atmos Boss

Watch Out For Fake Atmos Boss

There are a lot of fake vaporizers on the market right now, and you might even be using one of them and not even know it. With so many different websites and More »

Buying The Right Pen Vaporizer

Buying The Right Pen Vaporizer

Searching for a pen vaporizer online can be a hassle if you don’t know what you’re trying to look for. Luckily we have amazing pen vaporizer tips for you to find the More »

Types Of Vape Pen & Portable Vapes You Need

Types Of Vape Pen & Portable Vapes You Need

  So you want a vape pen? The wonderful thing about vape pens is there’s so many different types to buy. You need to figure out exactly what you’re buying your vaporizer More »

New Vape Pens You Must SEE

New Vape Pens You Must SEE

  We are in the biggest growth phase of the vaporizer industry as vaporizer pen devices, Dabbing pens, wax vaporizers, herbal vapes and many other different types of vaporizers are being created More »

Atmos Jump Vaporizer

Atmos Jump Vaporizer

The newest release of vape pens if the Atmos Jump herb pen vaporizer made by the manufacturers over at Atmos. They developed a brand new pen vaporizer that was made to be More »


New Vape Pens You Must SEE

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We are in the biggest growth phase of the vaporizer industry as vaporizer pen devices, Dabbing pens, wax vaporizers, herbal vapes and many other different types of vaporizers are being created specifically for these categories. There’s a reason why so many people are joining the biggest revelation in 2016 which is marijuana vaporizers. Why are people drawn to these technology pieces?

Health, Potency, Taste and Convenience!

Vaporizers are the best thing for anyone who formally used combustion methods to induce the medicine they’re trying to use and the biggest thing is marijuana since the fact the Government is making marijuana in many states legal at a state level though. Marijuana is still illegal federally speaking and is considered a misdemeanor the government. Once the advocates fully convince these people that marijuana can save many lives, the government will be doing its own self promotion for vaporizers once this is announced in press conferences.

The vaporizer industry is on top of everything and we have some of the best vaporizers in the world to talk about. With all the time spent developing and researching each piece of technology made to create a vaporizer, we can create a spectacle.

Atmos Jump

atmos jump vaporizer

Newest Anodized Heating Vaporizer, Atmos Jump

This is one of the most convenient dry herb vape pens in the industry, it uses convection vaporization and has a compatability for any type of dry herb substance. There are new pieces being invented as well, different top mods and filtration systems to where you can attach different devices to the Atmos Jump. Perculators and water adapters are other things to mention but the Atmos jump deserves its spot light, it has made big news and headlines throughout the industry due to its very superior performance and the way it was constructed is genius which is hard to replicate in China which is a country look down upon in this industry. Most vaporizers like the Atmos Jump are made in America!

Wax Pens Taking Over

Wax pen vapes and dab vapes like the Dr Dabber is one of the most sold wax vaporizers in the industry. It has won multipe cannabis cup awards and has been one of the greatest vape inventions made today with the titanium technology. And for the price of only $79, it is a steal for the users getting something that will actually last since it uses titanium and not any type of cheap anodized metals.

MVP 2.0 Mechanical Mod

mpv vape 2.0 mechanical mod

Vaping has becoming very popular and so has box mods. There’s many people looking for box mods for sale and the MVP mod is one of the popular mods to buy online. What it can do is amazing. There’s so many features the MVP 2.0 can offer, it s amazing on what it can do. An added benefit is the fact you can use it as a backup, portable cell phone charger. It has a USB and Micro USB port on the bottom to where you can hook it up any way you desire. The battery is so big it can last over 2 days on a full charge.

The Design Of the MVP Vape

It is incredibly strong with a stainless steel design. Holding the MVP 2.0 in your hands you’ll immediately notice how strong and durable it feels since it has weight to it. It is only 6.8 inches tall and 2.2″ wide which can easily fit in anyones pocket. Black seems to be the most popular color for the MVP 2.0 Vape but it comes in many other colors as well including; gray, white, red, light green and blue. The Attachments available for the MVP are very versatile as you can use wax attachments such as wax atomizers, wax glass globes and oil top mod tanks such as oil tanks, concentrate trays, clearomizers, atomizers and cartomizers. The design is simple, square which is very easy to hold and maintain.

mpv innokin vape charging

MVP 2.0 Vape Features

This is one of the most important and popular batteries available on the market. Made by Innokin technologies, one of the best manufacturers for box mods sets. This mechanical mod can utilize its voltage settings from 3.3 volts to 7.5 volts making it a very versatile in range for the strength it can produce. With over 20 watts you can choose to set it at 6 watts, all the way to 20 watts. With an ohms reading, you will see the efficiency it carries to the top mod. This will allow you to read if you’re generating to much volts or watts to the top mods and will prevent any short circuits from occurring.

MVP can be used as a portable battery

Amazing MVP Usage

This unit can perform as a backup battery for your cell phone and draw and amazing current to where it can fully charge any battery in less than an hour. It is an all-in-one battery that you can use for not only your vaping needs but your cell phone charging needs would be perfect to have if you’re going out on long journeys like boating, hiking, camping or anything where you won’t have a outlet to plug up and charge.

The MVP 2.0 Vape is the best battery to own. It is heavy with over 2600mAH of loaded battery power that’ll last all day. Unique features is the digital guage located right above the power button for the MVP. You can easily change it from 6 watts to 20 watts and 3.3 volts to 7.5 volts which makes it one of the most effective mechanical mods to own.

Marijuana Is Saving America

weed vaporizer technologyWe all knew the time was going to come when America will begin to approve the medical marijuana bills to legalize marijuana. The facts are now in, we have 23 states that have medical marijuana 4 of which are fully legal. When you understand what this means, you’ll know there’s a long list of positive things you can say marijuana has done for this nation, especially Colorado. The Schools over in Colorado are becoming state-of-the-art with the best technology and better education. Marijuana tax money is used to help the schools, which is what they put a portion of the $22 million in tax dollars last year in Denver alone.

Reducing Crime

We’ve found that ever since the legalization of marijuana, crime has plummeted. It is putting a lot of shady crime overlords out of business and causing stress in the eyes of illegals, gang members and cartel leaders. We factored in many categories where crime is present such as poverty, employment, education and per capita beer sales. There’s no evidence of crime increasing in the states where marijuana is legal. We found a large drop in overall theft and robbery cases as well. When using cannabis, it tends to mellow out an individuals mind to relax and peace the person to where they wouldn’t be capable of committing a crime.

Positive People who Influence Marijuana Lawmakers

When you have very successful people support marijuana, it should show something to lawmakers. When you have people like Mr. Soros, who spent over $80 million on legalization efforts since 1994. He has been on top of the marijuana industry and his spending has supplemented PEter B Lewis, the chairman of Progressive Insurance Co and an open pot smoker that used over $40 million to influence local debates.

Marijuana Positive Outcome on Other Businesses

Right now in my hometown of Orlando, FL. There’s a school that has come out to offer courses on marijuana and the business side of things which costs $299 a day and are held in hotels and convention centers. The Medical marijuana industry is roughly a $785 million industry in Florida and many people are getting ready and anticipated for the successful voting that will be conducted in November. The other positive influence on other business that’s becoming really popular is weed vaporizer companies that sell hot-air generators to reduce the respiratory damage dealt and save money in your wallet by increasing the potency and reducing the amount of materials needed to vape.

Growth Of Herb Vape Pens

This is the age where dry herb vape pens are increasingly becoming the most technological piece of equipment to ever be made. This means that vaporizers are the most sought after technology in this day and age and there’s good reason why everyone needs to own a weed pen. The benefits are amazing for owning a vaporizer, the facts are always straight and if you look in and take the time to research exactly what type of benefits you’ll get, you understand the big picture. A user will save 8.5 grams per ounce, if you do the math, spend $15 a gram, you’re saving around $125.50 every ounce. Over time, the vape pen will pay for itself and it’ll be nothing but positive numbers when looking at all the important factors. A side from the savings of more materials, it plays a crucial role on your cardivascular system. You will notice the amount of energy you’re able to preserve and how clean and pure your vapor actually becomes.

Anodized Heating Technology

Each day there’s thousands of dry herb vaporizers being sold online. The demand is extremely high, there’s simply not enough retailers to serve all the customers. The saturation in the market is yet to exist as there are only a selected few businesses that are up there producing plenty of sales and serving all the customers buying herbal pen vape. As many companies like Atmos are taking advantage of herbal vape pens, there’s lots of new developments of new weed pens. The biggest revelation in vape pens are the fact that there’s new conduction heating technology which is called anodized heating. It is the closest thing to convection vaporization as you solely rely on your turbo-air-intake, air-flow to create synergy with the heating element. The herbs never touch the heating element and lay directly above it and rest on either a stainless steel mesh screen or pure glass vapor path, ceramic glass.

There’s so many options for everyone, prices are getting less and less expensive as manufacturers are finally innovative ideas to enhance the productivity and vaporization with better materials, but finding the sources for the highest quality parts and technology is the main strategy. Offering lower retail prices with better efficiency is very present in the current market as we have new herbal vape pens such as the Atmos Jump which is taking the Internet by storm with its quality and effectiveness. This is why you keep seeing many new companies emerging in the vaporizer industry, everyone wants a shot of making it big with the next big pen vaporizer and that’s what it is all about. You need to serve the customer with the latest and greatest technology so they keep coming back and making more purchases to buy new and advanced devices.

atmos jump vaporizer

Newest Anodized Heating Vaporizer, Atmos Jump

Overall, new technology is the biggest key for developers of new vaporizers. Every time you think why and how so many new companies are trying to make ir, you can only sit back and what them do their magic. It is anodized heating that is finally settling in on herbal vape pens. The old conduction method is becoming obsolete because of the high combustion rate. I hate to see how many people don’t even know how to use conduction vaporization . Ir is very simple since you only have to load your herbs on top. The problem with most conduction vape pens heat up at one set temperature and become more optimal . Since the average consumer that buys an herbal vape pen is new to the industry, with a conduction vape pen, they’re going to be disappointed when they find out all the weed turned into ash because they didn’t know how to pull the pen vaporizer. So anodized heating has been invented and is pretty much combustion proof since you actually never have to load your herbs directly on the heating element any more. THis type of heating is becoming very popular. To make it effective, the developer will drill holes around the outside so the tubo-air-intake can do its job and create stronger heat waves which will then convert your botanical into high quality vapor.

Atmos Jump Vaporizer

jump vaporizer atmos rx technology

The newest release of vape pens if the Atmos Jump herb pen vaporizer made by the manufacturers over at Atmos. They developed a brand new pen vaporizer that was made to be a low cost herb pen with steel anodized heating that acts as an oven. The Anodized heating found in the Atmos Boss & Orbit, the Jump uses the  same parts. Unlike other forms of conduction heating, anodized heating allows separation of the herbs from the coil so your herbs never touch anything that heats up but lays against ceramic glass to where the coil underneath heats up hot enough to prouce vapor. The air-flow in the Atmos Jump is also very circulative as it will allow the user to vaporize a full session without popping off the cap and stirring.  The Atmos Jump was built in mind to serve the lower income users which is an herbal vape pen with 1200mAH of battery life that costs less than $60. It is made out of a unique material called carbon fiber.

Atmos Jump Design

Made out of black carbon fiber material, the Atmos Jump is a very strong and somewhat flexible vaporizer that can withstand a drop or two. It has a heat safe rubber mouthpiece to where you pop off and  will see the ceramic glass herbal chamber and underneath that is the steel anodized heating coil. The Jump was built to be able to fit in any type of pocket whether it is very tight and skinny fit jeans or baggy and lose jeans. It is only 5.8″ Tall and .68″ in diameter making it a small and compact vaporizer that uses the unique grade carbon fiber material making it a new type of material we haven’t seen on the market.  Having high quality look and feel is present in the Atmos Jump and the low prices of under $60 makes it a very fitting vaporizer for anyone that wants to use something lightweight, small and compact to where it is easy to use without drawing any suspicion out on the go.

Atmos Jump Battery

The Battery in the Atmos Jumped is powered with over 1200mAH of battery life which is a substantial amount of battery juice for such a little, light weight vaporizer. It should last you over 6 hours of continuous use and uses a micro-usb charger that connects to either a wall mount or straight into any USB port. With the Atmos Jump, you can charge your vaporizer while you’re using it. The Atmo Jump uses a Lithium Ion Battery that composes of longevity of your vaporization use.

Overall Thoughts On The Atmos Jump

When you want a very small vaporizer that is equiped with all the things you need to have an effective vaporization session, you get quality results for a low price. The Atmos Jump is perfect for people that can’t afford an expensive true vaporizer. Most vaporizers equipped with the Jump features cost well over $200. This herbal pen vape is less than $60 and uses a unique carbon fiber design implanting strength and flexability into the design of the jump. As it is very small and portable, it also uses a steel anodized heater that acts as an oven. You won’t ever have to worry about combustion with the Atmos Jump as your herbs never actually touch the coil. The Atmos Jump is a perfect vaporizer for anyone that wants to vape their herbs on the go or at home as you can plug it up to any USB charger since the 1200mAH battery uses a micro-USB charge.

Best Marijuana Vaporizers

cannabis vaporizers on sale

There are many online guides to show you around about which types of vaporizers to buy but there’s only one place that has the knowledge and experience to tell you everything about a herbal vaporizer. We will begin by telling you, you’re making a good choice investing in a marijuana vaporizer cause you’ll greatly increase the potency of your experience without inhaling a bunch of toxins.

Portable Vaporizers

There are many things to look into when buying a portable vaporizer online.  We will only give you what we think is he best portable vaporizer online. Here at Synchronized Smoking, after extensive reviews and use, you will use the Haze Vaporizer as it is considered the best portable vaporizer in the world.  With dual technology, the haze vaporizer can vape at the same time. You can load both your concentrates and herbs and experience the two different tastes at the same exact time. It uses AA lithium ion batteries to where you can charge one while using the other providing the user with an experience that’ll never last as you’ll always be able to have a fresh battery after use. You’ll also notice you can charge the vaporizer at the same time you’re using it which will give you a better experience knowing you have an exact electrical output and full charge. The Haze Vaporizer is a convection vaporizer. It will vortex your vapor back down providing a cool output without the vapor being hot. The Haze is made out of stainless steel and has a glass-on-glass vapor path making it one of the better made vaporizers in the US.  If you cannot afford the Haze vaporizer, you will want to invest in the Atmos Astra, it is one of the better convection portable vaporizers under $120. It’ll get the job done without combusting your herbs.

Vapor Pens

Vapor pens are also very popular. There’s different ways to use a pen vaporizer as you can use waxes, herbs and concentrates. Vape pens are most popular with e-juices since the majority of people are using it to mimic a cigarette to quit smoking. The vape pens are emerging though as the go 2 thing to use when you’re on the go and need something you can quickly pull out of your pocket.  We will give you the best vape pen we think will fit your needs and that’s the Atmos Boss vapor pen.  It has a stainless steel and titanium  structure with anti-scratch. You can choose both black and stainless steel as your color. There are vortex holes at the bottom of the herb chamber which will mimic convection vaporization even though the Atmos Boss is a conduction vaporizer.  This vape pen can hold a half gram and takes under 45 seconds after you load the herb inside where the mouthpiece go to heat up and begin your vapor production.  The heating coil is made out of stainless anodized steel so your herbs will never stick onto the actual coil.   There are many knock-off companies you need to look out for as there are people who make Fake atmos boss units, if you read carefully and stay away from eBay, you’ll be fine.

Other Notable Vaporizers

Indica Vaporizer (Portable) – Looks like a Zippo Lights, is very small and compact. Herbal chamber can fit around .3 grams of herbs. All stainless steel conduction vaporizer that costs $199  . There’s other types of vaporizers that require a lighter.  Like the Ubie, it is one of the world smallest vaporizers, made out of all high quality glass.  You could Buy The ‘Ubie’ Vaporizer for a very reasonable price, shipping is quick and the company is an amazing, great company.

Research the different types of handheld vaporizers for sale online where you can get all the smallest vapes online.

Bongs & The History Of Glass

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It is a commonly held belief amongst historians that for much of ancient history the techniques used to create ornamental glass using glass molding were held as state secrets by royalty because of the extreme value and beauty of glass. However, after the technique of blowing glass with a long metal blowpipe was discovered on the coast of Syria, creating ornamental vessels from glass became much more cost effective than using pottery for storage. Romans were the first to use glass in architecture after it was discovered that adding manganese dioxide to the process of glass blowing could create clear glass. Soon, almost all important buildings in Rome featured windows created using cast panes of glass. Eventually glass made in Rome spread everywhere that the empire did, which at the time was a majority of the known world! However, it is interesting to note that the glass of their time was not nearly as clear as the glass we have today.

Glass has been a part of human civilization for centuries – it has been used to create everything from tiny beads to towering skyscrapers. Due to its high melting point, glass has also been used to create pipes for as long as glass blowing has been around. In ancient times glass would be used to create thin tubes to smoke out of, but the practice was never widely used – and not nearly as complex – until much later during the 1960’s, when using glass to create intricate pieces of art to both appreciate and smoke out of exploded into the mainstream.

Since the 60’s, bongs has made leaps and bounds with new innovations and techniques. One of the most impressive milestones for the glass pipe industry was the introduction of standardized glass joints on water pipes. The glass joints that are seen on bongs today are derivatives of crude, tapered joints that have been used for stopping glass bottles and carafes for years. The standardization of glass joint sizes to either 14mm or 18mm joints was facilitated by the water pipe industry in an effort to create more useful, modular smoking devices that can be easily customized with attachments such as diffused downstems and ash catchers. Water pipes are some of the most impressive examples of modern glass working, especially with the emergence of a new type of water pipe, the vapor rig. Modern trends such as bongs and functional glass include highly complicated and compact percolators that require a steady artist’s hand to properly incorporate into a bong or water pipe.

A new breakthrough in glassblowing is made nearly every day thanks to the growing glass pipe industry. Because of its constant desire for innovation, this industry is very attractive to young artists as well as old that want to express themselves by creating something beautiful to serve as a contribution to a counter-culture that is becoming more accepted everyday. Who knows what tomorrow will bring and how we will use glass to make an ever smoother smoking experience!

Want to see the latest and greatest in glass pipes?

Check out our online headshop

Atmos Astra Vaporizer

astra vape kit

The atmos astra vaporizer is a powerful portable convection vaporizer that uses 5 different types of heating levels to make it a true vaporizer with an all glass-on-glass vapor path that gives you the quality and control of the temperature levels. The thing about the Astra is the strong steel outer exterior as well as the iron cast built around the heating area to absorb heat to make it  cool around that area. You can drop the astra without any type of damage dealt to the outer exterior it is just built strong and portable that’ll never combust your herbs and give you the perfect vapor output out of any other types of vaporizers.

Atmos Astra Herbal Chamber

astra battery size

Allowing you to vape any type of materials such as oils, waxes and herbs, the Astra’s herbal chamber lets you hold .5 grams of herbs and you load your waxes and oils in a stainless steel cup. The Astra only weighs 8 ounce and is 6.7″ tall, .94″ inches in diameter with a perfect well rounded look mimicking a pen vaporizer.  You simply load your herbs in the herbal chamber by popping off the rubber mouthpiece and you’re ready to begin vaping once you have selected the correct temperature out of 5 levels of different temperature settings, the Astra makes it a perfect herbal vaporizer for anyone trying to get the best vaporization technology out of any place.  The Astra’s vaporization time is only 3 minutes, you can turn the Astra back on to continue your vaporization.

Temperature Control Settings For The Atmos Astra

astra heat settings

With 5 different precise temperature control settings (356F, 374F, 392F, 410F and 428F) you can simply select the type of convection vaporization you’d like to experience which would all depend on what type of materials you’d like to add in. The vaporization of quality is enhanced by the cool output of vapor since the heating deflects off the walls to ensure that all you inhale is very cool vapor with the enhanced technology the Atmos Astra uses.  The hot-air-intake allows you to adjust the temperature levels by clicking 5 times on  the power button to unlock and 3 times on the power button again to select your vaporization level.

When You’re Using The Astra

To simply use the Atmos Astra you will want to click 5 times seamlessly to unlock the Atmos Astra, a LED light will turn on for about 2 seconds and then you click 3 times seamlessly to select the 5 options of hot air to use for your vaporization experience. You will wait around 2 minutes for the Astra to be fully ready and at the precise temperature indicated that you selected and then your vapor session will last for the 3 minutes before you have to turn it back on and repeat the steps as the temperature will be back right on the settings you had it on as it has autosave technology to remember your temperature setting.

Indica Vaporizer

indica vaporizer reviewVaping small is what most people look for in a vaporizer. When you look at this portable vaporizer and how small it’s, you’ll understand what small and portability really means using the Indica vaporizer

Indica Vaporizer

This baby has to be one of the most discreet portable vaporizers on the market.  It is the same size of a zippo lighter and works just as if it where to light a flame but instead, produces high quality vapor in such a very small and advanced unit using some of the better and more advanced technology no other vaporizer is capable of using. It has 5 heat settings and many different types of features you’d love your vaporizer to carry.

Indica Features

Despite it being a small, pocket sized vaporizer, the Indica has many different features you’d want in a pocket sized vaporizer including a 5 heat setting switch board and has outstanding material capacity for such a small vaporizer. It can hold .4 grams of materials which is good for over 7 pulls from your vape. The heat up time takes around 13 seconds and you can control the ultimate heat temperature setting with some clicks of the switch as the LED indicator lights will ensure you’re using the correct temperature setting.


Learn About The Indica

Just as discreet as the Puffit 2, the Indica is one of many enthusiast favorite vaporizer to use. It mesures 3 inches long and 2 inches wide. As we well you the Indica version 2, you will get temperature setting options of 340F – 412F making it a fully functional, high heating portable vaporizer it isn’t something you can’t go wrong with the indica vaproriser .

Very Discreet

Usually pen vaporizers are the most discreet and smaller vaporizers but when you look at the size and quality of the Indica, it might change your mind, Weather you are in a state that allows you to recreational use medical marijuana or if you’re in a state where it’s prohibited, despite this, the Zippo-like lighter called the indica is the advanced portable vaporizer which is capable of doing many different things as a portable vaporizer. One of the things it will prevent is odor, for some reason the Indica doesn’t emit any type of odor when you’re using it. You can fit the thing in your pocket or purse. Just remember upon using the indica, not to accidentally try to light a cigarette which would be very prone to happening, lol.

The Haze Vaporizer

The Haze Vaporizer

haze full vaporizer kit black stealth

An amazing portable vaporizer that has dual functions where you can load your herbs and vaporizer your oils at the same time giving the user a unique taste of what its like to vaporize oils and herbs. With a stainless steel and glass mouthpiece, you’ll be sure that you have that best tasting vapor in the world. It has four pre-set temperatures and can reach temperatures in about 90 seconds. The chambers are very safe with steel walls that allow the chamber to heat up at various temperatures. The Haze vaporizer will prevent any type of combustion allowing the user to experience full satisfaction with no disappointment. The Haze has a strong battery and will last for hours with the LED indicator lights letting you know how much power is left.

haze vaporizer version 3.0

The New Haze Vaporizer 3.0

This vaporizer is becoming one of the most popular vaporizers as it was featured in the NY times. It runs with both convection heating and conduction heating. Forced hot air blows up through the mouthpiece as it focuses on heating the herbal material. Or you can choose the conduction heating and let your materials sit on top of the heating element. Most people like the convection heating cause it distributes cleaner vapor and the risk of combustion is lessen. Even though the Haze costs an arm and a leg, it’ll definitely be worth the investment as you’ll save almost a thousand dollars a month if you’re a daily smoker and you’ll lessen the chance of health care costs.