New Vape Pens You Must SEE


We are in the biggest growth phase of the vaporizer industry as vaporizer pen devices, Dabbing pens, wax vaporizers, herbal vapes and many other different types of vaporizers are being created specifically for these categories. There’s a reason why so many people are joining the biggest revelation in 2016 which is marijuana vaporizers. Why are people drawn to these technology pieces?

Health, Potency, Taste and Convenience!

Vaporizers are the best thing for anyone who formally used combustion methods to induce the medicine they’re trying to use and the biggest thing is marijuana since the fact the Government is making marijuana in many states legal at a state level though. Marijuana is still illegal federally speaking and is considered a misdemeanor the government. Once the advocates fully convince these people that marijuana can save many lives, the government will be doing its own self promotion for vaporizers once this is announced in press conferences.

The vaporizer industry is on top of everything and we have some of the best vaporizers in the world to talk about. With all the time spent developing and researching each piece of technology made to create a vaporizer, we can create a spectacle.

Atmos Jump

atmos jump vaporizer

Newest Anodized Heating Vaporizer, Atmos Jump

This is one of the most convenient dry herb vape pens in the industry, it uses convection vaporization and has a compatability for any type of dry herb substance. There are new pieces being invented as well, different top mods and filtration systems to where you can attach different devices to the Atmos Jump. Perculators and water adapters are other things to mention but the Atmos jump deserves its spot light, it has made big news and headlines throughout the industry due to its very superior performance and the way it was constructed is genius which is hard to replicate in China which is a country look down upon in this industry. Most vaporizers like the Atmos Jump are made in America!

Wax Pens Taking Over

Wax pen vapes and dab vapes like the Dr Dabber is one of the most sold wax vaporizers in the industry. It has won multipe cannabis cup awards and has been one of the greatest vape inventions made today with the titanium technology. And for the price of only $79, it is a steal for the users getting something that will actually last since it uses titanium and not any type of cheap anodized metals.