MVP 2.0 Mechanical Mod

August 1, 2015

mpv vape 2.0 mechanical mod

Vaping has becoming very popular and so has box mods. There’s many people looking for box mods for sale and the MVP mod is one of the popular mods to buy online. What it can do is amazing. There’s so many features the MVP 2.0 can offer, it s amazing on what it can do. An added benefit is the fact you can use it as a backup, portable cell phone charger. It has a USB and Micro USB port on the bottom to where you can hook it up any way you desire. The battery is so big it can last over 2 days on a full charge.

The Design Of the MVP Vape

It is incredibly strong with a stainless steel design. Holding the MVP 2.0 in your hands you’ll immediately notice how strong and durable it feels since it has weight to it. It is only 6.8 inches tall and 2.2″ wide which can easily fit in anyones pocket. Black seems to be the most popular color for the MVP 2.0 Vape but it comes in many other colors as well including; gray, white, red, light green and blue. The Attachments available for the MVP are very versatile as you can use wax attachments such as wax atomizers, wax glass globes and oil top mod tanks such as oil tanks, concentrate trays, clearomizers, atomizers and cartomizers. The design is simple, square which is very easy to hold and maintain.

mpv innokin vape charging

MVP 2.0 Vape Features

This is one of the most important and popular batteries available on the market. Made by Innokin technologies, one of the best manufacturers for box mods sets. This mechanical mod can utilize its voltage settings from 3.3 volts to 7.5 volts making it a very versatile in range for the strength it can produce. With over 20 watts you can choose to set it at 6 watts, all the way to 20 watts. With an ohms reading, you will see the efficiency it carries to the top mod. This will allow you to read if you’re generating to much volts or watts to the top mods and will prevent any short circuits from occurring.

MVP can be used as a portable battery

Amazing MVP Usage

This unit can perform as a backup battery for your cell phone and draw and amazing current to where it can fully charge any battery in less than an hour. It is an all-in-one battery that you can use for not only your vaping needs but your cell phone charging needs would be perfect to have if you’re going out on long journeys like boating, hiking, camping or anything where you won’t have a outlet to plug up and charge.

The MVP 2.0 Vape is the best battery to own. It is heavy with over 2600mAH of loaded battery power that’ll last all day. Unique features is the digital guage located right above the power button for the MVP. You can easily change it from 6 watts to 20 watts and 3.3 volts to 7.5 volts which makes it one of the most effective mechanical mods to own.