Mendo Mulcher Grinder — The Daily Driver

Mendo Mulcher Grinders have earned the reputation of being extremely durable pieces because of their high-quality build. They can almost grind anything you put in them, from dried herbs to moist buds, Mendo Mulchers perform truly well regardless of the grinding subject. In this review, we’ll check out just how tough this grinder is from the inside out.



For some, grinding herbs before use is a preference while for others find it as a necessity. Fundamentally, grinding your herbs allow you to pack more material into your chamber, whether you’re vaping with your favorite mod or if your lighting up a bowl of weed, finely ground herbs cover more surface area allowing more of the essential cannabis composites to burn or vaporize. This is true especially when you’re hunting for that special high. Ground pieces of herbs allow better THC and CBD distribution, THCs and CBDs are the indispensable components of the cannabis plant and is responsible for its psychoactive effects. Generally, the more of these cannabinoids you inhale, the higher you get, and breaking down herbs into smaller pieces really helps.

It can be done by hand, plucking out leaves and snapping them into pieces, though the terpenes from the buds will stick to your fingers. Cutting them with scissors also works for some though milling them with a grinder is the preferred means of many. Today, grinders have become a crucial part of herb consumption that almost all the dry herb consumer I know of owns at least one grinder to help them optimize their herb experience. Mendocino County resident, Dave West saw the growing need for high-quality grinders and used his expertise as a machinist after losing his job back in the late 90’s. He founded Mendo Mulchers, a locally owned and operated flower grinder company back in 1998. Mendo Mulchers operate on a small scale employing several workers, this is what makes their products so special. It’s not extravagant design and flashy labels they’re after or what makes Mendo Mulcher Grinders unique, it’s their careful attention to detail and precision.

Mendo Mulcher Grinders are made from a single piece of high-grade aluminum metal, 6061-T6 bar stock to be exact, that’s why these grinders just won’t break at all. They’re tough as nails and they grind like hell. The cutting teeth won’t easily wear out even if you bust the stickiest and nastiest bud with stems like logs, the Mendo Mulcher can easily mill through these herbs. Durable and dependable, that’s what Mendo Mulcher Grinders are known for and it what they’re good at.


Tough Interior

The Mendo Mulcher Grinders are made for stressful and demanding operation, this is coming from someone who uses grinders almost every day. Contrary to the common pitfall of the average grinder, Mendo Mulchers, based on my experience, encounter fewer episodes of getting stuck. It’s common for your grinder to accumulate resin over time, especially for your daily driver, though it can be easily helped by occasional cleaning. The Mendo Mulchers use an angled approach when milling your buds which helps minimize resin build-ups. This is true especially when you’re dealing with a botanical matter that has a high moisture content, fresh — and in some cases, rehydrated — buds are very damp and sticky. That’s the reason why you want to grind them, you’ll end up getting more weed on your fingers than on your vaporizer or your bowl if you do it by hand.

People use different kinds of herb strains for different reasons, I personally find that vaping moist buds give off larger vapors with fuller flavors. While the output of vaping moist herb is enjoyable, the process of grinding it does not yield the same sentiments. The average grinder tends to press and roll the herbs into small balls instead of milling them while the Mendo Mulcher easily makes a fine grind with fluffy consistency with just a few, easy turns. This is perfect for vaporizers especially with convection heating devices since loosely packed downy herbs allow hot air to circulate and completely permeate your herbs. I observed that when grinding moist herbs, the resin builds up on the lower grinding piece of the Mendo Mulcher. It does sometimes get in the way since you have to grip the area where the natural resin develops in order to get to the ground herb though it’s not something that really bothers me. What I do is I give the Mendo Mulchers a few taps and I wipe the edges with a clean paper towel before opening and exposing the lower hatch. The Mendo Mulcher makes the seemingly complicated and daunting task of grinding moist weed a breeze. These things can even mill a nut, they feature twice as many teeth than the average grinder, that’s also, in my opinion, is twice as strong, making MM a real heavy-duty tool.


Tougher Exterior

As I’ve mentioned above, the Mendo Mulcher is made out of high-quality aircraft grade aluminum. Its durable construction allows the Mendo Mulcher to withstand daily wear and tear and makes it resistant to minor dents and scratches. I’ve had mine for 2 years now and it still works like new. The aluminum material is not anodized so as to preserve the integrity of the metal. In some cases, the anodizing of aluminum alloy can cause microscopic fissures in the coating which can lead to corrosion so Mendo Mulchers opted to keep the metal’s natural form to keep its hard wearing and long lasting quality.

Mendo Mulcher Grinders are outfitted with rare earth magnets that keep the grinder and the materials securely in place. It holds even the flavors and the aroma of the botanical matter. It keeps the weed fresh reducing the risks of contamination especially when you’re handling and keeping super moist herbs. The only drawback from the Meldo Muncher is its weight. I’m more of an on-the-go guy and I’d like to keep my stuff in my pockets, the Meldo Muncher carries a significant weight that I usually grind herbs at home and store them in portable containers since the Mendo Mulcher has just way too much weight and bulk. Apart from that, I’ve got no other issues.

Mendo Mulchers make for great cannabis vaping and smoking companions. They’re precise and are heavy-duty grinders making them a secure investment for almost any herb consumer. Mendo Mulchers need not any stylish and trendy designs. They like to keep it simple and let the Mendo Mulcher performance speak for itself.