Indica Vaporizer

indica vaporizer reviewVaping small is what most people look for in a vaporizer. When you look at this portable vaporizer and how small it’s, you’ll understand what small and portability really means using the Indica vaporizer

Indica Vaporizer

This baby has to be one of the most discreet portable vaporizers on the market.  It is the same size of a zippo lighter and works just as if it where to light a flame but instead, produces high quality vapor in such a very small and advanced unit using some of the better and more advanced technology no other vaporizer is capable of using. It has 5 heat settings and many different types of features you’d love your vaporizer to carry.

Indica Features

Despite it being a small, pocket sized vaporizer, the Indica has many different features you’d want in a pocket sized vaporizer including a 5 heat setting switch board and has outstanding material capacity for such a small vaporizer. It can hold .4 grams of materials which is good for over 7 pulls from your vape. The heat up time takes around 13 seconds and you can control the ultimate heat temperature setting with some clicks of the switch as the LED indicator lights will ensure you’re using the correct temperature setting.


Learn About The Indica

Just as discreet as the Puffit 2, the Indica is one of many enthusiast favorite vaporizer to use. It mesures 3 inches long and 2 inches wide. As we well you the Indica version 2, you will get temperature setting options of 340F – 412F making it a fully functional, high heating portable vaporizer it isn’t something you can’t go wrong with the indica vaproriser .

Very Discreet

Usually pen vaporizers are the most discreet and smaller vaporizers but when you look at the size and quality of the Indica, it might change your mind, Weather you are in a state that allows you to recreational use medical marijuana or if you’re in a state where it’s prohibited, despite this, the Zippo-like lighter called the indica is the advanced portable vaporizer which is capable of doing many different things as a portable vaporizer. One of the things it will prevent is odor, for some reason the Indica doesn’t emit any type of odor when you’re using it. You can fit the thing in your pocket or purse. Just remember upon using the indica, not to accidentally try to light a cigarette which would be very prone to happening, lol.