Haze Square Vaporizer Review

Haze Square Vaporizer is an amazing work of art. It is the newest portable vaporizer made by haze technologies and promises to do so many good things for the users that want to use it.

It is made out of 100% pure aluminum alloy, making it a very light weight vaporizer as it is easy to carry around. Haze Vaporizers Made this one work the best. First thoughts for the haze square is the fact that it can vaporize with 4 different heating chamber which are made out of stainless steel plating. The cartridges can all be pre-filled and the square has a versatility to be able to vaporize both herbs, waxes and oils at the same time. The Haze Square uses a 2600mAH lithium polymer battery that’s removable and replaceable in case the battery gets old and dies in the future, you can always throw it out and replace it with a new one . since the vaporizer uses a lithium polymer battery, it will last over 4 times longer than a conventional battery due to the fact that the charging current switches off when it is fully charged so it leaves behind no types of current being drawn from the power source to the actual haze square battery. On top of all the hype, the Haze’s convection heating technology kicks in to be able to vaporize at 3 different levels, low levels to high levels.

How The Haze Square Works

Haze Square vaporizer has four diverse chambers, you can pre-load the four of them and pick the 1 you want to use to get immediate vaping as the convection powered vaporizer will heat up to optimal temperatures in less than six seconds making this vaporizer a strong, effective unit with a 2600mAH battery that takes about 2 hours to fully charge. you can choose. 365 , 380 , 390 , are the temperatures to set and the hepatic heating will vibrate to indicate to you when the battery is low and the lightning feedback offers you immediate response to when you’re at optimal temperature and when you want to totally charge the battery. The Haze Square is a beast for a machine, it is rated the best performing vaporizer out to date and it hasn’t even been released yet because the judges aren’t done beta testing these magical devices that will surely give you the best possible vaporization.

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When you want to get a very small and well compact vaporizer, it is the haze square that will come through for you and provide you with not only 1 type of heating with the convection vaporization to be able to precisely pre-set the temperature within the 3 different levels the haze square comes with. Being only 3.5 inches tall, the Haze Square will have no problem fitting inside your pocket with comfort and ease to easily slide out. It comes with two seperate mouthpiece that both swivel out making it comfortable fitting in your pocket since there’s no mouthpiece to get in the way or get caught making it a hassle to take out of your pocket. The Haze Square has very new and unique features like the puff counter which you can actually set if you want a certain session to end on a specific amount of puffs you take, the haze square can surely accomplish such a simple but complex task. When it comes down to it, the Haze Square is going to be your go to vaporizer that no other vape in its class and keep up with the rapidly changing technology of new vaporization technology for you to sit back and enjoy the different vaping times.