Dry Herb Vaping May Save Your Life

smoking cannabis in a dry herb vaporizer

People from across the world are in the grasps of owning a dry herb vaporizer. There isn’t much studies on herbal vapes but the facts are straight on exactly what they can do for you, your health and even your wallet. There’s just so many benefits to go by when you’re digging into the factors of actually taking action and buying an dry herb vaporizer. They have been around for over a decade but have recently begun to become extremely popular and it is a thought you must look into and dig deeper when actually finding yourself to commit to buying one. It is a risk, an investment and a important decision you must make at some point especially if you smoke or medicate everyday but more importantly if your life depends on it and you actually have life threatening health problems to where you’re limited to marijuana for treating your problem but also actually damaging your problem worse when you smoke. Lets dig deeper for you and find out if a dry herb vaporizer is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Your Story

Facts tell, stories sell. This is just a concern you have, you’re smoking daily, coughing up black honk-luges and feeling like you’re worsening your stage 2 lung cancer since you’re the type to smoke from a joint every single day. The problem is, you’re low on money and have a fixed income but luckily live in a state that has medical marijuana legal. You find it hard to be able to medicate and afford your medicine for everyday use but know you set aside a budget that allows you to purchase marijuana in bulk which you have to re-up every 2 weeks after buying 2 ounces. Since you’re a daily smoker, you’re consuming about 14 grams a week cause your chemo-therapy provides so many side effects such as – lack of appetite, insomnia, anxiety, chronic pain and a depressed mind. You’ve tried every Doctor recommendation and none of the pill medication worked for you and found out your only option was marijuana.

Curiosity engaged your mind, You started reading online and even signing up for social media sites for tips on how to maintain a safer marijuana habit. You found your favorite message board site and found out a patient had the same condition as you do and read that he bought a dry herb vaporizer online and said he “fell in love with the vaporizer” You went to YourVaporizers and found out the device he bought was the Haze Vaporizer 3.0 which is a dry herb portable vaporizer but also has the compatibility to vaporizer oils & wax. The Haze 3.0 portable dry herb vaporizer was expensive costing $249. The guy said he “loves it” and said “it was a good investment”, but you know that this is far out of your budget, don’t know what vaporizers do, or how they work. Lets help you understand what a dry herb vaporizer can do for you. We are going to do the dirty work for you, all the facts on here about dry herb vaporizers will help you decide if a vaporizer despite a high-cost initial investment, would be beneficial and pay for itself over time like the user on the message board bragged about.

Dry Herb Vaporizer Facts

Did you know that when using a blunt or a joint you’re inhaling 5 times the carbon-monoxide and 5 times the tobacco? It is true, it is like smoking 5 cigarettes at once and isn’t a good thing to do especially if you’re fighting stage 2 lung cancer. You’re damaging your cardiovascular system, when burning marijuana you’re inhaling over 436 different carcinogens which are damaging to your health. Think about burning the dry leaf, some stems, the tobacco and the wastefulness of the constant burn as the cherry where you lit the blunt keeps burning without stopping which burns away your product. You basically waste an entire gram after smoking just 5 joints or blunt that you roll up and fill it with a gram. You think a bong or pipe is better? Think again! The damaging factors are all there, you’re still burning the dry leaf, the stems, wasting marijuana since all of the smoke isn’t inhaled and on top of that, inhaling lighter fluid. Bongs or pipes aren’t the answer and are nearly as harmful as a joint or blunt. There are many beneficial facts we can give you about dry herb vaporizers that are going to tell a lot about them and help you solve all your problems.

portable herb vaporizer handheld

The fact is, dry herb vaporizers filter out 95% carcinogens and increase the potency of the herbs by over 85% and the 5% of carcinogen is the THC which is actually a carcinogen but surely one not harmful to your health. Vaporizers are a huge life saver, when you use a vaporizer, the hot air vapes the botanical which is the active ingredient “the medicine” you intend to vape and turns it into a gas which is the vapor which then you inhale and get a smooth, clean, flavor and 85% more potent hit than as opposed to combustion which would be using a blunt, joint, bong or pipe. On top of everything, when we did the math we saved 8.5 grams per ounce vaped as opposed to smoking. Since we get 85% more potent hits, we notice we are using less dry herb materials which gets us medicated just as well using .1 grams of herb to the comparable 1 gram you smoke to-the-head when you medicate with your joint. After vaporizing an entire ounce that we paid $420 for, we ended up saving 8.5 grams of dry material, extended our use to buying just an ounce and a half a month instead of two and saved $127.50 per ounce as it costs us $15 a gram for high quality marijuana.

Figures When previously smoking to currently dry herb vaping

Dry Herb Vaporizers Save $127.50 per ounce paying $15 a gram.

Previously you smoked 14 joints a week filled with 1 gram per joint.
.1 grams vaped gives you the same exact results as 1 gram of a joint did.

You now saved 9 grams per week, it now takes 1 gram a week to get you medicated which is 48 grams or a little over an ounce and a half a year.

It went from costing you $10,080 a year to now $840 a year saving $9,240 per year using a dry herb vaporizer.


You now are not only reducing the damage to your cardiovascular system but now avoiding trips to the Doctor which is more money we did’t add in to the figures that you save. You now breath better, kicked your inhaler and now cough up clear mucus since you’re no longer inhaling tobacco or other nasty carcinogens. All the years you smoked marijuana, you always wondered if you were hiding in a shell all these years but it is always good to finally catch on to the craze of vaping. Now you understand why message board user was bragging about the Haze vaporizer, it wasn’t cause it was cool, it was cause these are medical devices and they save your life. You will now have a chance to put your cancer into remission than the stacked odds against you, you previously had. It is now safe to say that investing $250, it will pay itself back within the first week of using it since the facts tell and the stories sell!