Davinci IQ Vaporizer

Davinci IQ vaporizer for sale at YourVaporizers.com can be the greatest vaporizer performer in the world. It has a unique aluminum alloy sand-blasted design to it with the best construction of a portable herbal vaporizer that ended up looking as if it were a replica of a Galaxy S6 smart phone design. The unit is perfect in size, it only stands 3.54″ tall which is smaller than the palm of your hand. The dimensions precise measurement of 1.65″ W x 3.54″ H x 0.94″ D, makes it a really fitting choice to buy if you’re trying to get a intelligent vaporizer that is comfortable on the go and lightweight like the Davinci IQ 5 ounce weight, lighter than a cell phone.

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Davinci IQ Vaporizer

The Davinci IQ vaporizer has much technology needed to have the best vaping sessions for anyone wanting to have the best vaporizer in the world. This is by far one of the best looking vaporizers in the world to buy and when it comes down to the types of vaporizers you will want, it is the Davinci IQ vaporizer you will end up wanting to own, time after time. The design and intuitive use with the smart micro-processor inside the Davinci IQ makes it a very in-demand type of portable vaporizer for sale that everyone wants to end up owning to get the best portable vaporizer in the world.

Davinci IQ Technology


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The Davinci IQ Vaporizer is a high quality vaporizer that uses advanced technology to make it one of the best vaporizers in the world. With the facts in place, the Davinci ends up giving the best user experience and the most vapor density. It has session control features, power level indicator Which is exactly what you need to manage the exact battery strength per amount of temperature being used with the length of longevity for the battery. Temperature control session allows you to manage the heating from 250-430┬░ F giving you precise temperature controls. on top of everything you can display the past usage history within your Davinci IQ profile to be able to see the amount of the IQ you’ve used. The Smart Pathway temperature controls allow you to be able to have 4 different types of pathway settings to mix up the experience of how you’re using the Davinci IQ. There are many different variables when you use the DaVinci IQ, making sure you won’t get any bad experiences using the IQ. This is the vaporizer of the future and the technology proves it.

Interactive App for the IQ vaporizer

Davinci IQ Design

The Davinci IQ has a unique and small design that isn’t even 4″ tall. It is the perfect vaporizer to comfortably carry around anywhere on the go. With dimensions of IQ Dimensions: 1.65″ W x 3.54″ H x 0.94″ D and weight at 5 ounces, it has the perfect dimensions to well balance the best portable vaporizer in the world. It is built using aluminum alloy sand-blasted materials to give it a unique design and feel when handling the vaporizer. It has an easy-to-use herbal chamber that gives you everything you need to be able to use this vaporizers in any situation. The 51 LED lighting is simply the heart of the vaporizer as it is basically like the pulse and will light up based on how intense your experience is. The Davinci IQ comes in 4 different colors; Blue, Copper, Gunmetal (SILVER), Stealth (BLACK).

Davinci IQ 4 different Colors - Blue, Copper, Silver (Gun Metal), Stealth (Black)

Davinci IQ 4 different Colors – Blue, Copper, Silver (Gun Metal), Stealth (Black)

Buy The Davinci IQ Vaporizer

When it comes down to buying the Davinci IQ Vaporizer For Sale, making sure you’re buying from a good online store is important to ensure you got the best vaporization experience by getting an authentic product. When it comes down to it, the IQ is going to outperform any type of vaporizer you’ve ever had and will give you all the benefits you need to maintaining a high quality vaporizer to get the best possible vaporization. The 4 Snart Path Temperature settings allow you to use the Precise temperature controls and the advanced air-flow system to completely customize how intense you want the vaporizer to be. The Davinci IQ is the type of vaporizer that will give you a unique experience any time you need a high quality vaporizer. Buying the Davinci IQ vaporizer, you’re going to want to buy it from the best vaporizer store in the world which is YourVaporizers.com

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