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Watch Out For Fake Atmos Boss

There are a lot of fake vaporizers on the market right now, and you might even be using one of them and not even know it. With so many different websites and retail locations offering vaporizers of all different kinds from a vast array of companies the choices can be a little overwhelming, but in this article we will teach you what to look for, and how to spot a fake vaporizer. The name of the game is trust. If you are buying from a trusted retailer, then you will virtually never have to worry, as long as the place you get your equipment from is completely legitimate, there is a great chance that you will never get an illegally produced, fake piece. Many retailers have an agreement in place with the manufacturers and that agreement is known as ‘price mapping’.

What price mapping consists of is basically an agreement that the retailer won’t charge over x amount of dollars so that prices of their product will have a sense of market stability and it also allows them to calculate their financial figures better as far as having a set price per model. The reason the retailers are cool with this is because they all have their own, private agreement with the vaporizer companies, and what the actual makers of the vaporizers offer the retailer is a pretty fair amount of commission. They also give them the guarantee that their products are being sourced from the best components on the market, and that their products aren’t being built by people that are working in repressive or dangerous conditions; or even completely against their will i.e. modern day indentured servitude and slavery.

The main thing to remember when shopping for a vaporizer, especially online in particular, is BEWARE OF IMITATORS!!! I will give you one prime example so that you will understand better the huge difference in quality that a real, researched and developed vaporizer uses and that of a counterfeit clone. The Atmos Boss is completely made out of titanium anywhere on the unit that is metal, such as the housing that holds the heating element, and on the cheap, foreign knock offs it is made from cheaply sourced steel or even aluminum and it is produced with no oversight what so ever. They don’t have any type of regulatory committee checking the products that they are making, because what they are doing is illegal, but not only is it illegal, it deceitful, morally wrong and very unsafe for the consumer that will ultimately use the product to heat dried plant matter to over 350• Fahrenheit within a few inches of their face.

If you follow the golden rule you should never have to worry about this. That rule is that if something seems too good to be true it usually is. Whether it’s a cell phone, vaporizer, or even an automobile if the price is insanely ridiculously cheap to the point it’s amazing, you are definitely getting played for a fool. I have found that for the best prices, customer service, quality and selection the site knows exactly what they are doing as far as the whole vaporizer purchase goes. They take care of everything and your vaporizer is always guaranteed to be real, because they bring it straight from the real company that makes it directly to you always following and leading the industry as far as all moral and business ethics are concerned. I have bought from them many times and it has gotten to the point I don’t trust anyone else but them haha. A.B.C. Always Be Careful when buying a vape pen online, just remember your abc’s silly.

Buying The Right Pen Vaporizer

vape pen atomizer parts

Searching for a pen vaporizer online can be a hassle if you don’t know what you’re trying to look for. Luckily we have amazing pen vaporizer tips for you to find the best possible pen vaporizer online so you can have the best possible vaporizer to get the best results. When you want to get a pen vaporizer online, there could be a few things you might not know when searching for one.

Design Structure

The price of the pen vaporizer makes a big difference. Some pen vaporizers cost a lot of money, some are really cheap. When it comes to having a good vaporizer, price really matters when you are trying to find a high quality pen vaporizer. Make sure the structure of the pen vaporizer is very stable. You want to look for a quality stainless steel pen vaporizer so you can get the best possible protection from accidental drops. Other materials are polycarbonate material, carbon fiber, magnesium alloy, iron, aluminum alloy. These materials are still good but having the best possible protection is the most important. Other quality materials would be carbon fiber or aluminum alloy. There’s some vaporizers that have glass or wood structures. These are more fragile builds but for a pen vaporizer, the best protection would be to have a good quality stainless steel pen vaporizer since it is a device you’d be carrying around with and traveling a lot. You want to make sure that when you slip it in and out of your pocket, it may drop and having a strong structured vaporizer is the beneficial factor.

vape pen instructions heat settings

The Battery for a pen vaporizer is also a very important topic. There’s many types of batteries you can have and having one that’s convenient is very important to have. The most common battery would be a lithium ion battery which is very common to see in pen vaporizers. There’s 18650 batteries, removable batteries and lithium polymer batteries. Removable batteries are 18650 AA batteries that usually can be removed and charged on a charging dock. This means it may come with an extra battery so you will always have a fresh battery on stand by. Follow-through charging is when you can use the pen vaporizer while it is charging, for many people, this is an important factor to have. Having a micro-usb port is the most popular charging method. Most cheap pen vaporizers have it to where you have to unscrew the threading and screw it on the charger so you won’t be able to use the pen vaporizer while charging. If you invest more money, you will get a better battery that’s more convenient to have the charging specifications that make it easy to where you always have a vaporizer you can use regardless if it is charged or dead. Milliamps are important and show how much battery energy is within the battery. This shows you how strong the battery is. Batteries that have temperature ranges or digital temperature settings tend to have higher milliamp batteries. Cheap pen vaporizers with no heating settings typically will have a mAH of around 600 – 900mAH. Batteries with more technology will use more battery power and will typically have over 1000 – 2000mAH of battery power. A set temperature battery with only one heating level with 900mAH will last 3-4 hours of continuous use.

Pen Vaporizer Atomizer

This is a very important factor, one of the most important things to consider. We will summarize this as short and sweet as possible. A vaporizer’s atomizer is where the botanical is placed and where the heating produces the vaporizer. If you’re vaping waxes, you want to make sure you’re using a vaporizer with a high quality atomizer that will give you the best results. Having a ceramic lining within a stainless steel atomizer is the best choice because it is the most durable type of metal to give it the structure as well as having the glass to line the overall atomizer will prevent you from tasting the metal. The titanium coil is important because it will withstand the abuse you give it when you load and clean the atomizer. New atomizers that include all glass are now available and are called ceramic halo atomizers. These atomizers are the easiest to clean and use with your vape pen as there’s no hot spots and the botanical will vaporize evenly when you’re using it. When you’re vaping with oils, you want to make sure you have a Pyrex glass oil tank to where you can store your oils for later use and quickly use. Avoid buying really cheap oil tank atomizers with plain silica wicks, these will need to be replaced ever 2 weeks and can be very expensive. Instead you will want to use a titanium or stainless steel coil which will include small little wicks inside of it to where it screws right into the base of the atomizer where the battery is and you can replace them for really cheap. You will replace these little coils every few months which is a lot more affordable then every 2 weeks. Buying a high quality atomizer is the most important thing when buying a new pen vaporizer. Herbal pen vaporizers will use convection heating, the hot air will blow against the herbs instead of you laying the herbs on top of a direct heating source. Make sure the herbal chamber is an all-glass chamber with oven heating which will give you the best vaporization. For herbal pen vaporizer, make sure there’s a heating level to where you can switch the temperature. This makes it better vaping if you have low quality herbs to high quality herbs. Dry herbs or moist herbs, it all matters when it comes to getting the right vaping quality.

When you need to buy a new pen vaporizer, it is the structure and design, the battery and the atomizer that completely make up what kind of pen vaporizer you’re actually going to have. Spending and investing in one that has the right technology is the most important thing. This is if you care about your health, wellness and saving money that vaporizers help you save.

Types Of Vape Pen & Portable Vapes You Need

vicod 5g


So you want a vape pen? The wonderful thing about vape pens is there’s so many different types to buy. You need to figure out exactly what you’re buying your vaporizer pen for. Are you a dabbing person? Do you like vaping oils? Do you like vaping herbs? Well we are going to show you exactly what type of options you have so you can figure out which ones you want to buy. We are also going to show you a few of the best vaporizer pens in the world that are for sale and you can buy online. Figuring out your needs is important, hopefully we can help you out and we’ll give you a good place to start looking for the device that’ll be your go to vape.

There’s many different vaporizer pens for sale to purchase that is compatible with your needs. Finding the correct one can sometimes be a challenge. You want to make sure that you have a reasonable budget. I’d just like to mention first off, don’t place on buying a cheap vaporizer pen, it just won’t work out for you, will cause to much problems and will eventually break as you’ll further distance yourself from it and eventually use your old method of vaporization. We want to make sure you get everything you expect out of a vaporizer so it is important for you to pay attention while taking notes.

Types of Vaporization Heating Technology

There’s conduction heating and there’s convection heating. Up front an honest for herbs you want to use the convection heating because with herbs, the heating element never touches the herbs at all, instead the botanical on the herbs are extracted into vapor from the hot air. This causes the purest and best tasting vapor to use. When you use herbs on conduction heating, the risk of combustion greatly goes up, you must use a glass screen and even using a glass screen the vapor pen will turn into smoke and basically you have a good working smoke pipe. Conduction heating is best used with wax dabbing as well as oil concentrates. All in one kits are a great option but these kits are normally for people that want to vape waxes and oils and the herbal attachment always comes with one but this is a type of vaporizer kit when it comes down to it and you happen to have a little bit of herbs to vape, then it is fine to use a conduction vaporizer because you won’t be using it much often and it’ll prove better than smoking a joint or blunt wrap.

Why Vape?

Inhaling carcinogens, nasty factor chemicals, butane, hot residue burnt air isn’t a good thing at all for your cardiovascular system. When you’re vaping you will experience pure flavor, 85% more potency, better taste and carcinogen free vapor. This proves a lot more healthy of an alternative to smoking when you’re using a quality vaporizer.

Best with Waxes & Oils

atmos i4 vaporizer

Atmos i4 Vaporizer

The Atmos i4 Vaporizer $139.95

This is a vape pen kit you want to have. It is an amazing vaporizer and built compact comes with 5 glass cartridges you simply snap into the i4 Adapter. The Vaporizer is only 5 inches tall which is perfect for fitting into your pocket. This vaporizer is very capable of producing very thick vapor and is actually a vaporizer kit you can use with herbs since it is also a convection heating vaporizer. The Ion Atomization system cleans itself out and is built in mind for your health since it will deliver very clean and effective vapor. The Mechanical Boot System is specifically made to regulate the amount of power you want to deliver to the i4 since you’re in complete control of this vaporizer.

Overall the Atmos i4 Is the better kit to go with if you’re using it for waxes, oils and even herbs. The small cartridges only fit about .4 grams so if you’re out on the go, you want to make sure you have all 5 cartridges pre-loaded so you won’t have to fill them yourself since it is rather difficult to because of the small diameter. You can buy the Atmos i4 Vaporizer for less than $140 which is a very good buy especially cause of the discreet and durable design.

Best With Herbs

vicod 5g

Atmos Vicod 5G Kit

The Atmos Vicod 5G Vaporizer $119.95

If you want a very powerful vaporizer with a durable stainless steel outer shell and a intuitive design as it looks like an older Nokia cell phone version than the Atmos vicod 5G is the answer and vaporizer to buy. It has a strong 2200mAH battery that’ll last a long time before having to charge it as you get 4 hours on consistent use and charging only takes 3 hours. The Vicod 5G has a temperature range of 300 degrees Fahrenheit to over 435 degrees Fahrenheit and you can adjust the Fahrenheit by 1 degree up or down to give yourself a precise heating settings. The Atmos Vicod has a beautiful OLED interface to where changing the temperature is a breeze and monitoring the battery level is upfront. The Atmos Vicod 5G is only 3″ long and can fit into any pocket easily without a problem.

Overall the Atmos Vicod 5G is your best bet if you’re trying to buy a convection vaporizer to quicky vaporize your herbs. It only takes 30 seconds for you to reach the optimal temperature and inhaling clean vapor is always there as you won’t ever experience any type of combustion when using the Atmos Vicod 5G. It is a small and compact vaporizer to own and can be yours for under $120 which is a steal.

Best With Waxes

cloud penz 3.0

Cloud Penz 3.0 Kit

Cloud Penz 3.0 Vaporizer Wax Dabbing Kit $89.95

This is the ultimate dabbing kit you need to buy, uses lithium ion 3.0 batteries and has double the battery power from the older version as it uses 650mAH batteries. It’s equipped with all the atomizers you need to effectively have a kick-ass dabbing kit. The Glass globe attachment is a good reason to shove a chunk of shatter inside it as it’ll melt and be converted into oil to where you can vape it without any problems or mess. The hash oil will soak into the silica wick and will be stored for later use. The Battery has a battery light indicator to let you know when you can use it as well as knowing and understanding the low battery indicator levels. The technology of quality with the dual ceramic-rod titanium and hand-wrapped coil atomizers makes it noticeably understandable that these atomizers will last a very long time compared to other brands. the Media a2.0T atomizer, Cloud Atlas 3 Globe and the Atomizer base is all version upgrades of the Cloud Penz kit that are very great quality and will give you significant and very strong dabbing pulls.

Overall the Cloud Penz 3.0 kit is the perfect vaporizer kit for you to buy if you’re into dabbing. With titanium technology and all the atomizers you need to have a very effective vaping session is completely that best way to go with all the time it took into making these vaporizer pens the Cloud Penz team has perfected a kit worthy of buying. It also comes with an herbal atomizer to use herbs but as we mentioned earlier, conduction heating isn’t a good option so you will want to use this attachment as less as possible.

Understanding Everything

Read this article carefully to understand everything for you to buy the perfect vaporizer kit. If you follow our advice, you will notice the kit will work exactly as we mentioned so you will want to follow the exact compatibility these kits will do for you and how you want to vape. If you need any other types of vaporizer pens, we recommend you heading over to to buy a quality unit, they have a great team that’ll help you with all your vaping needs and answer all your questions.

New Vape Pens You Must SEE

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We are in the biggest growth phase of the vaporizer industry as vaporizer pen devices, Dabbing pens, wax vaporizers, herbal vapes and many other different types of vaporizers are being created specifically for these categories. There’s a reason why so many people are joining the biggest revelation in 2016 which is marijuana vaporizers. Why are people drawn to these technology pieces?

Health, Potency, Taste and Convenience!

Vaporizers are the best thing for anyone who formally used combustion methods to induce the medicine they’re trying to use and the biggest thing is marijuana since the fact the Government is making marijuana in many states legal at a state level though. Marijuana is still illegal federally speaking and is considered a misdemeanor the government. Once the advocates fully convince these people that marijuana can save many lives, the government will be doing its own self promotion for vaporizers once this is announced in press conferences.

The vaporizer industry is on top of everything and we have some of the best vaporizers in the world to talk about. With all the time spent developing and researching each piece of technology made to create a vaporizer, we can create a spectacle.

Atmos Jump

atmos jump vaporizer

Newest Anodized Heating Vaporizer, Atmos Jump

This is one of the most convenient dry herb vape pens in the industry, it uses convection vaporization and has a compatability for any type of dry herb substance. There are new pieces being invented as well, different top mods and filtration systems to where you can attach different devices to the Atmos Jump. Perculators and water adapters are other things to mention but the Atmos jump deserves its spot light, it has made big news and headlines throughout the industry due to its very superior performance and the way it was constructed is genius which is hard to replicate in China which is a country look down upon in this industry. Most vaporizers like the Atmos Jump are made in America!

Wax Pens Taking Over

Wax pen vapes and dab vapes like the Dr Dabber is one of the most sold wax vaporizers in the industry. It has won multipe cannabis cup awards and has been one of the greatest vape inventions made today with the titanium technology. And for the price of only $79, it is a steal for the users getting something that will actually last since it uses titanium and not any type of cheap anodized metals.

Atmos Jump Vaporizer

jump vaporizer atmos rx technology

The newest release of vape pens if the Atmos Jump herb pen vaporizer made by the manufacturers over at Atmos. They developed a brand new pen vaporizer that was made to be a low cost herb pen with steel anodized heating that acts as an oven. The Anodized heating found in the Atmos Boss & Orbit, the Jump uses the  same parts. Unlike other forms of conduction heating, anodized heating allows separation of the herbs from the coil so your herbs never touch anything that heats up but lays against ceramic glass to where the coil underneath heats up hot enough to prouce vapor. The air-flow in the Atmos Jump is also very circulative as it will allow the user to vaporize a full session without popping off the cap and stirring.  The Atmos Jump was built in mind to serve the lower income users which is an herbal vape pen with 1200mAH of battery life that costs less than $60. It is made out of a unique material called carbon fiber.

Atmos Jump Design

Made out of black carbon fiber material, the Atmos Jump is a very strong and somewhat flexible vaporizer that can withstand a drop or two. It has a heat safe rubber mouthpiece to where you pop off and  will see the ceramic glass herbal chamber and underneath that is the steel anodized heating coil. The Jump was built to be able to fit in any type of pocket whether it is very tight and skinny fit jeans or baggy and lose jeans. It is only 5.8″ Tall and .68″ in diameter making it a small and compact vaporizer that uses the unique grade carbon fiber material making it a new type of material we haven’t seen on the market.  Having high quality look and feel is present in the Atmos Jump and the low prices of under $60 makes it a very fitting vaporizer for anyone that wants to use something lightweight, small and compact to where it is easy to use without drawing any suspicion out on the go.

Atmos Jump Battery

The Battery in the Atmos Jumped is powered with over 1200mAH of battery life which is a substantial amount of battery juice for such a little, light weight vaporizer. It should last you over 6 hours of continuous use and uses a micro-usb charger that connects to either a wall mount or straight into any USB port. With the Atmos Jump, you can charge your vaporizer while you’re using it. The Atmo Jump uses a Lithium Ion Battery that composes of longevity of your vaporization use.

Overall Thoughts On The Atmos Jump

When you want a very small vaporizer that is equiped with all the things you need to have an effective vaporization session, you get quality results for a low price. The Atmos Jump is perfect for people that can’t afford an expensive true vaporizer. Most vaporizers equipped with the Jump features cost well over $200. This herbal pen vape is less than $60 and uses a unique carbon fiber design implanting strength and flexability into the design of the jump. As it is very small and portable, it also uses a steel anodized heater that acts as an oven. You won’t ever have to worry about combustion with the Atmos Jump as your herbs never actually touch the coil. The Atmos Jump is a perfect vaporizer for anyone that wants to vape their herbs on the go or at home as you can plug it up to any USB charger since the 1200mAH battery uses a micro-USB charge.

Atmos Astra Vaporizer

astra vape kit

The atmos astra vaporizer is a powerful portable convection vaporizer that uses 5 different types of heating levels to make it a true vaporizer with an all glass-on-glass vapor path that gives you the quality and control of the temperature levels. The thing about the Astra is the strong steel outer exterior as well as the iron cast built around the heating area to absorb heat to make it  cool around that area. You can drop the astra without any type of damage dealt to the outer exterior it is just built strong and portable that’ll never combust your herbs and give you the perfect vapor output out of any other types of vaporizers.

Atmos Astra Herbal Chamber

astra battery size

Allowing you to vape any type of materials such as oils, waxes and herbs, the Astra’s herbal chamber lets you hold .5 grams of herbs and you load your waxes and oils in a stainless steel cup. The Astra only weighs 8 ounce and is 6.7″ tall, .94″ inches in diameter with a perfect well rounded look mimicking a pen vaporizer.  You simply load your herbs in the herbal chamber by popping off the rubber mouthpiece and you’re ready to begin vaping once you have selected the correct temperature out of 5 levels of different temperature settings, the Astra makes it a perfect herbal vaporizer for anyone trying to get the best vaporization technology out of any place.  The Astra’s vaporization time is only 3 minutes, you can turn the Astra back on to continue your vaporization.

Temperature Control Settings For The Atmos Astra

astra heat settings

With 5 different precise temperature control settings (356F, 374F, 392F, 410F and 428F) you can simply select the type of convection vaporization you’d like to experience which would all depend on what type of materials you’d like to add in. The vaporization of quality is enhanced by the cool output of vapor since the heating deflects off the walls to ensure that all you inhale is very cool vapor with the enhanced technology the Atmos Astra uses.  The hot-air-intake allows you to adjust the temperature levels by clicking 5 times on  the power button to unlock and 3 times on the power button again to select your vaporization level.

When You’re Using The Astra

To simply use the Atmos Astra you will want to click 5 times seamlessly to unlock the Atmos Astra, a LED light will turn on for about 2 seconds and then you click 3 times seamlessly to select the 5 options of hot air to use for your vaporization experience. You will wait around 2 minutes for the Astra to be fully ready and at the precise temperature indicated that you selected and then your vapor session will last for the 3 minutes before you have to turn it back on and repeat the steps as the temperature will be back right on the settings you had it on as it has autosave technology to remember your temperature setting.

Vapor Pens

wax pens for weed on sale

Top Features Of Modern Day Weed Vaping Pens

There are many people that love to buy vapor pens, they’re just very easy and convenient to buy online. There are so many shops that sell pen vapors that it is just a growing trend among many different Americans to buy new vaporizers for sale. If you want to get a vaporizer today, you can start looking at the best places that’ll sell them.

Vaporizers do a lot of good for someone trying to stop smoking. If you want to lay of the combustion and the high costs of cigarettes, it’s time for you to buy a new pen vaporizer for sale. You’ll save over $10,000 a year and will be able to start using really nice vaporizers to inhale vapor gas and get pure, clean high quality vapor coming out. When you first buy a pen vaporizer make sure you don’t buy different flavors, just stick to the type you had and you’ll be able to use it without going back to cigarettes to much. If you’re a daily smoker and smoke a pack a day, a pen vapor will tone it down to a pack every 3 or 4 days. If you like the vapor it’ll tone it down a week but that’s only if you replace it with the correct flavor you used to use. There is a wax pen vaporizer and an oil pen vaporizer, It won’t be a complete stop in smoking for over a few months but if you follow the steps written on this website, you’ll be able to stop all the smoking and get into the rhythm of saving more money.

weed pens for vaping wax and oils

Overall Battery Life Increasing

As you search online you’ll have to find the correct vapor pens, there are so many. You’ll want to find a pretty strong one, with over 900mAH of battery power in it so it’ll take strong pulls and help you stop smoking. Make sure it is between 900-1100 mAH so you know it’ll last you a couple days without a charge. You can also go with the Vision Spinner 2 with 1600 mAh of battery power, it is a neat battery you can use on most cartomizers and atomizers.  Make sure you buy a new vapor pen that has an oil tank with no wick. Wick vapor pens you have to replace the wick every so often and it can get annoying having to order more online since you just want the stuff right away cause there isn’t a smoke shop in every city. But if you follow these simple rules you’ll be able to have a great pen vaporizer to use daily. The ones that only take a couple hours to charge are the good ones you should stick to. But buying a new pen vaporizer isn’t that hard.

Drop The Cigarettes

portable vaporizer stop smoking

Smoking is becoming more and more obsolete, why is that?Cause many people are moving onto pen vaporizers, the best thing in the 21st century. Vaporizers are the key for being the healthier alternative instead of smoking cigarettes. Smoking increases your chances of many health risks and also is very costly. A bottle of e Juice costs only $4.99 at any gas station, it’ll last you a whole week if you are an everyday smoker. This adds up to over $6,000 a year in savings over time and you’ll be on cigarettes the rest of your life if you don’t think about moving over to pen vaporizers. There’s a plan everyone has to follow though when trying to move onto electronic cigarettes. We’ll guide you on the perfect pen vaporizer to buy.

The Stop Smoking Plan –

So here is how things will go; you get your pen vaporizer in the mail and you load it up with your favorite essential oils and that should last you over a week if you smoke everyday. There are oils that have a percentage of nicotine in them, usually around 2% which is the perfect amount to help tone down the smoking levels. Over time, you’ll be moving over to none nicotine levels to ultimately stop your bad smoking habits. Eventually you’ll gain enough sense to stop using combustion methods of inhaling deadly chemicals that’ll eventually get you put on a respirator. It is now time to act and do the right thing, just stop smoking!!!

portable vaporizer stop smoking

How Do I Find A Vaporizer?

We’re experts in this field we’ve tested and reviewed almost ever vaporizer in the marketplace. We’re going to guide you to the best vaporizer for you to use. You should take our proven advice. There are many really good vaporizers out there but many of the rest are unreliable and don’t really provide a good user experience.

Cloud V Vaporizer is actually a pretty nice pen style vaporizer. It is small and sleek and very reliable. It is a wick-less pen vaporizer and comes in many different colors. Doesn’t need cartridge to work it just charges up to the wall and starts working with a press of the button. This is a pretty good high quality pen vaporizer.

The Micro Vaped Pen vaporizer is an amazing vaporizer for daily smokers. If you’re trying to loose the cigarettes and have a daily habit, this is the perfect vaporizer to help stop you from smoking everyday. If you want a great vaporizer that is a skillet type, you should just buy this vaporizer for sale. It is under $70 and would be a great investment.

Buying the G Pen vaporizer is a good idea if you’re trying to loose the cigarettes. This was in the High Times top 10 oil pen vaporizers for daily smokers. This is similar to the micro vaped pen vaporizer in many ways. It is a wick less vaporizer that uses a skillet-like heating device to vaporize your favorite essential oils and waxes. The oils could be very liquidy or thick and it’ll do the job.

These 3 pen vaporizers should be the exact type of vaporizers you need to stop smoking. There are all reliable, don’t use cartridges and are wick-less, perfect for durability and long-lasting use. Buy these vaporizers for under $70 each. Prices vary depending on which site you shop at. Go to to get the lowest deals on all pen vaporizers.