Buying The Right Pen Vaporizer

Searching for a pen vaporizer online can be a hassle if you don’t know what you’re trying to look for. Luckily we have amazing pen vaporizer tips for you to find the best possible pen vaporizer online so you can have the best possible vaporizer to get the best results. When you want to get a pen vaporizer online, there could be a few things you might not know when searching for one.

Design Structure

The price of the pen vaporizer makes a big difference. Some pen vaporizers cost a lot of money, some are really cheap. When it comes to having a good vaporizer, price really matters when you are trying to find a high quality pen vaporizer. Make sure the structure of the pen vaporizer is very stable. You want to look for a quality stainless steel pen vaporizer so you can get the best possible protection from accidental drops. Other materials are polycarbonate material, carbon fiber, magnesium alloy, iron, aluminum alloy. These materials are still good but having the best possible protection is the most important. Other quality materials would be carbon fiber or aluminum alloy. There’s some vaporizers that have glass or wood structures. These are more fragile builds but for a pen vaporizer, the best protection would be to have a good quality stainless steel pen vaporizer since it is a device you’d be carrying around with and traveling a lot. You want to make sure that when you slip it in and out of your pocket, it may drop and having a strong structured vaporizer is the beneficial factor.

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The Battery for a pen vaporizer is also a very important topic. There’s many types of batteries you can have and having one that’s convenient is very important to have. The most common battery would be a lithium ion battery which is very common to see in pen vaporizers. There’s 18650 batteries, removable batteries and lithium polymer batteries. Removable batteries are 18650 AA batteries that usually can be removed and charged on a charging dock. This means it may come with an extra battery so you will always have a fresh battery on stand by. Follow-through charging is when you can use the pen vaporizer while it is charging, for many people, this is an important factor to have. Having a micro-usb port is the most popular charging method. Most cheap pen vaporizers have it to where you have to unscrew the threading and screw it on the charger so you won’t be able to use the pen vaporizer while charging. If you invest more money, you will get a better battery that’s more convenient to have the charging specifications that make it easy to where you always have a vaporizer you can use regardless if it is charged or dead. Milliamps are important and show how much battery energy is within the battery. This shows you how strong the battery is. Batteries that have temperature ranges or digital temperature settings tend to have higher milliamp batteries. Cheap pen vaporizers with no heating settings typically will have a mAH of around 600 – 900mAH. Batteries with more technology will use more battery power and will typically have over 1000 – 2000mAH of battery power. A set temperature battery with only one heating level with 900mAH will last 3-4 hours of continuous use.

Pen Vaporizer Atomizer

This is a very important factor, one of the most important things to consider. We will summarize this as short and sweet as possible. A vaporizer’s atomizer is where the botanical is placed and where the heating produces the vaporizer. If you’re vaping waxes, you want to make sure you’re using a vaporizer with a high quality atomizer that will give you the best results. Having a ceramic lining within a stainless steel atomizer is the best choice because it is the most durable type of metal to give it the structure as well as having the glass to line the overall atomizer will prevent you from tasting the metal. The titanium coil is important because it will withstand the abuse you give it when you load and clean the atomizer. New atomizers that include all glass are now available and are called ceramic halo atomizers. These atomizers are the easiest to clean and use with your vape pen as there’s no hot spots and the botanical will vaporize evenly when you’re using it. When you’re vaping with oils, you want to make sure you have a Pyrex glass oil tank to where you can store your oils for later use and quickly use. Avoid buying really cheap oil tank atomizers with plain silica wicks, these will need to be replaced ever 2 weeks and can be very expensive. Instead you will want to use a titanium or stainless steel coil which will include small little wicks inside of it to where it screws right into the base of the atomizer where the battery is and you can replace them for really cheap. You will replace these little coils every few months which is a lot more affordable then every 2 weeks. Buying a high quality atomizer is the most important thing when buying a new pen vaporizer. Herbal pen vaporizers will use convection heating, the hot air will blow against the herbs instead of you laying the herbs on top of a direct heating source. Make sure the herbal chamber is an all-glass chamber with oven heating which will give you the best vaporization. For herbal pen vaporizer, make sure there’s a heating level to where you can switch the temperature. This makes it better vaping if you have low quality herbs to high quality herbs. Dry herbs or moist herbs, it all matters when it comes to getting the right vaping quality.

When you need to buy a new pen vaporizer, it is the structure and design, the battery and the atomizer that completely make up what kind of pen vaporizer you’re actually going to have. Spending and investing in one that has the right technology is the most important thing. This is if you care about your health, wellness and saving money that vaporizers help you save.