Buying a Portable Vaporizer

Zephry Ion desktop vaporizer

There are many reasons why you need to buy a portable vaporizer to use. Im what you’d call a vaporizer expert, I simply use every vaporizer known to man to test it seeing how good they run. We are going to write a little bit about of some portable vaporizers I personally love to use.

The Haze vaporizer has to be one of my all time favorites. It is a brand new vaporizer that launched in July of 2014 and actually is a dual operational portable vaporizer. It is a very versatile device and is capable of being able to vaporize both liquids, waxes and herbs at the same time. This is unheard of and we haven’t seen this in a vaporizer before.

Conduction and convection heating is optional but it has the technology to be able to use both technologies simultaneously. This hasn’t been seen in a vaporizer before. We all know conduction heating is materials in direct contact of the heating element and convection is when hot air blows against your herbs. The materials used for the heating element is pure ceramic heating and the outer door is steel which the unit uses plated steel for the shell as well. There is a compartment to be able to store your mouthpiece and the look and feel will only make you feel like a million dollars.

The fact is, vaporizers are the best to use when smoking your weed. The reason for this is, when you want to vaporize your marijuana, you are actually saving 8.3 grams of materials per ounce you use. In 4 months you’ll pay yourself back for the investment you make for the Haze vaporizer within 4 months. Especially if you’re a daily smoker, you’ll be paying yourself back even quicker. Vaporizers are the fastest growing devices

We know that investing a few hundred dollars for a vaporizer might be expensive. It will be well worth it and we guarantee that you pay yourself back no longer than 3 months. When you get the 85% increased potency, you’re going to be using less materials to get the same results and as well as the fact you won’t have to worry about and carcinogens being inhaled inside your body. Sounds like a smart choice right? It is!

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