Atmos Jump Vaporizer

The newest release of vape pens if the Atmos Jump herb pen vaporizer made by the manufacturers over at Atmos. They developed a brand new pen vaporizer that was made to be a low cost herb pen with steel anodized heating that acts as an oven. The Anodized heating found in the Atmos Boss & Orbit, the Jump uses the  same parts. Unlike other forms of conduction heating, anodized heating allows separation of the herbs from the coil so your herbs never touch anything that heats up but lays against ceramic glass to where the coil underneath heats up hot enough to prouce vapor. The air-flow in the Atmos Jump is also very circulative as it will allow the user to vaporize a full session without popping off the cap and stirring.  The Atmos Jump was built in mind to serve the lower income users which is an herbal vape pen with 1200mAH of battery life that costs less than $60. It is made out of a unique material called carbon fiber.

Atmos Jump Design

Made out of black carbon fiber material, the Atmos Jump is a very strong and somewhat flexible vaporizer that can withstand a drop or two. It has a heat safe rubber mouthpiece to where you pop off and  will see the ceramic glass herbal chamber and underneath that is the steel anodized heating coil. The Jump was built to be able to fit in any type of pocket whether it is very tight and skinny fit jeans or baggy and lose jeans. It is only 5.8″ Tall and .68″ in diameter making it a small and compact vaporizer that uses the unique grade carbon fiber material making it a new type of material we haven’t seen on the market.  Having high quality look and feel is present in the Atmos Jump and the low prices of under $60 makes it a very fitting vaporizer for anyone that wants to use something lightweight, small and compact to where it is easy to use without drawing any suspicion out on the go.

Atmos Jump Battery

The Battery in the Atmos Jumped is powered with over 1200mAH of battery life which is a substantial amount of battery juice for such a little, light weight vaporizer. It should last you over 6 hours of continuous use and uses a micro-usb charger that connects to either a wall mount or straight into any USB port. With the Atmos Jump, you can charge your vaporizer while you’re using it. The Atmo Jump uses a Lithium Ion Battery that composes of longevity of your vaporization use.

Overall Thoughts On The Atmos Jump

When you want a very small vaporizer that is equiped with all the things you need to have an effective vaporization session, you get quality results for a low price. The Atmos Jump is perfect for people that can’t afford an expensive true vaporizer. Most vaporizers equipped with the Jump features cost well over $200. This herbal pen vape is less than $60 and uses a unique carbon fiber design implanting strength and flexability into the design of the jump. As it is very small and portable, it also uses a steel anodized heater that acts as an oven. You won’t ever have to worry about combustion with the Atmos Jump as your herbs never actually touch the coil. The Atmos Jump is a perfect vaporizer for anyone that wants to vape their herbs on the go or at home as you can plug it up to any USB charger since the 1200mAH battery uses a micro-USB charge.