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Marijuana Is Saving America

weed vaporizer technologyWe all knew the time was going to come when America will begin to approve the medical marijuana bills to legalize marijuana. The facts are now in, we have 23 states that have medical marijuana 4 of which are fully legal. When you understand what this means, you’ll know there’s a long list of positive things you can say marijuana has done for this nation, especially Colorado. The Schools over in Colorado are becoming state-of-the-art with the best technology and better education. Marijuana tax money is used to help the schools, which is what they put a portion of the $22 million in tax dollars last year in Denver alone.

Reducing Crime

We’ve found that ever since the legalization of marijuana, crime has plummeted. It is putting a lot of shady crime overlords out of business and causing stress in the eyes of illegals, gang members and cartel leaders. We factored in many categories where crime is present such as poverty, employment, education and per capita beer sales. There’s no evidence of crime increasing in the states where marijuana is legal. We found a large drop in overall theft and robbery cases as well. When using cannabis, it tends to mellow out an individuals mind to relax and peace the person to where they wouldn’t be capable of committing a crime.

Positive People who Influence Marijuana Lawmakers

When you have very successful people support marijuana, it should show something to lawmakers. When you have people like Mr. Soros, who spent over $80 million on legalization efforts since 1994. He has been on top of the marijuana industry and his spending has supplemented PEter B Lewis, the chairman of Progressive Insurance Co and an open pot smoker that used over $40 million to influence local debates.

Marijuana Positive Outcome on Other Businesses

Right now in my hometown of Orlando, FL. There’s a school that has come out to offer courses on marijuana and the business side of things which costs $299 a day and are held in hotels and convention centers. The Medical marijuana industry is roughly a $785 million industry in Florida and many people are getting ready and anticipated for the successful voting that will be conducted in November. The other positive influence on other business that’s becoming really popular is weed vaporizer companies that sell hot-air generators to reduce the respiratory damage dealt and save money in your wallet by increasing the potency and reducing the amount of materials needed to vape.

Growth Of Herb Vape Pens

This is the age where dry herb vape pens are increasingly becoming the most technological piece of equipment to ever be made. This means that vaporizers are the most sought after technology in this day and age and there’s good reason why everyone needs to own a weed pen. The benefits are amazing for owning a vaporizer, the facts are always straight and if you look in and take the time to research exactly what type of benefits you’ll get, you understand the big picture. A user will save 8.5 grams per ounce, if you do the math, spend $15 a gram, you’re saving around $125.50 every ounce. Over time, the vape pen will pay for itself and it’ll be nothing but positive numbers when looking at all the important factors. A side from the savings of more materials, it plays a crucial role on your cardivascular system. You will notice the amount of energy you’re able to preserve and how clean and pure your vapor actually becomes.

Anodized Heating Technology

Each day there’s thousands of dry herb vaporizers being sold online. The demand is extremely high, there’s simply not enough retailers to serve all the customers. The saturation in the market is yet to exist as there are only a selected few businesses that are up there producing plenty of sales and serving all the customers buying herbal pen vape. As many companies like Atmos are taking advantage of herbal vape pens, there’s lots of new developments of new weed pens. The biggest revelation in vape pens are the fact that there’s new conduction heating technology which is called anodized heating. It is the closest thing to convection vaporization as you solely rely on your turbo-air-intake, air-flow to create synergy with the heating element. The herbs never touch the heating element and lay directly above it and rest on either a stainless steel mesh screen or pure glass vapor path, ceramic glass.

There’s so many options for everyone, prices are getting less and less expensive as manufacturers are finally innovative ideas to enhance the productivity and vaporization with better materials, but finding the sources for the highest quality parts and technology is the main strategy. Offering lower retail prices with better efficiency is very present in the current market as we have new herbal vape pens such as the Atmos Jump which is taking the Internet by storm with its quality and effectiveness. This is why you keep seeing many new companies emerging in the vaporizer industry, everyone wants a shot of making it big with the next big pen vaporizer and that’s what it is all about. You need to serve the customer with the latest and greatest technology so they keep coming back and making more purchases to buy new and advanced devices.

atmos jump vaporizer

Newest Anodized Heating Vaporizer, Atmos Jump

Overall, new technology is the biggest key for developers of new vaporizers. Every time you think why and how so many new companies are trying to make ir, you can only sit back and what them do their magic. It is anodized heating that is finally settling in on herbal vape pens. The old conduction method is becoming obsolete because of the high combustion rate. I hate to see how many people don’t even know how to use conduction vaporization . Ir is very simple since you only have to load your herbs on top. The problem with most conduction vape pens heat up at one set temperature and become more optimal . Since the average consumer that buys an herbal vape pen is new to the industry, with a conduction vape pen, they’re going to be disappointed when they find out all the weed turned into ash because they didn’t know how to pull the pen vaporizer. So anodized heating has been invented and is pretty much combustion proof since you actually never have to load your herbs directly on the heating element any more. THis type of heating is becoming very popular. To make it effective, the developer will drill holes around the outside so the tubo-air-intake can do its job and create stronger heat waves which will then convert your botanical into high quality vapor.