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The Haze Vaporizer

The Haze Vaporizer

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An amazing portable vaporizer that has dual functions where you can load your herbs and vaporizer your oils at the same time giving the user a unique taste of what its like to vaporize oils and herbs. With a stainless steel and glass mouthpiece, you’ll be sure that you have that best tasting vapor in the world. It has four pre-set temperatures and can reach temperatures in about 90 seconds. The chambers are very safe with steel walls that allow the chamber to heat up at various temperatures. The Haze vaporizer will prevent any type of combustion allowing the user to experience full satisfaction with no disappointment. The Haze has a strong battery and will last for hours with the LED indicator lights letting you know how much power is left.

haze vaporizer version 3.0

The New Haze Vaporizer 3.0

This vaporizer is becoming one of the most popular vaporizers as it was featured in the NY times. It runs with both convection heating and conduction heating. Forced hot air blows up through the mouthpiece as it focuses on heating the herbal material. Or you can choose the conduction heating and let your materials sit on top of the heating element. Most people like the convection heating cause it distributes cleaner vapor and the risk of combustion is lessen. Even though the Haze costs an arm and a leg, it’ll definitely be worth the investment as you’ll save almost a thousand dollars a month if you’re a daily smoker and you’ll lessen the chance of health care costs.

Vapor Pens

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Top Features Of Modern Day Weed Vaping Pens

There are many people that love to buy vapor pens, they’re just very easy and convenient to buy online. There are so many shops that sell pen vapors that it is just a growing trend among many different Americans to buy new vaporizers for sale. If you want to get a vaporizer today, you can start looking at the best places that’ll sell them.

Vaporizers do a lot of good for someone trying to stop smoking. If you want to lay of the combustion and the high costs of cigarettes, it’s time for you to buy a new pen vaporizer for sale. You’ll save over $10,000 a year and will be able to start using really nice vaporizers to inhale vapor gas and get pure, clean high quality vapor coming out. When you first buy a pen vaporizer make sure you don’t buy different flavors, just stick to the type you had and you’ll be able to use it without going back to cigarettes to much. If you’re a daily smoker and smoke a pack a day, a pen vapor will tone it down to a pack every 3 or 4 days. If you like the vapor it’ll tone it down a week but that’s only if you replace it with the correct flavor you used to use. There is a wax pen vaporizer and an oil pen vaporizer, It won’t be a complete stop in smoking for over a few months but if you follow the steps written on this website, you’ll be able to stop all the smoking and get into the rhythm of saving more money.

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Overall Battery Life Increasing

As you search online you’ll have to find the correct vapor pens, there are so many. You’ll want to find a pretty strong one, with over 900mAH of battery power in it so it’ll take strong pulls and help you stop smoking. Make sure it is between 900-1100 mAH so you know it’ll last you a couple days without a charge. You can also go with the Vision Spinner 2 with 1600 mAh of battery power, it is a neat battery you can use on most cartomizers and atomizers.  Make sure you buy a new vapor pen that has an oil tank with no wick. Wick vapor pens you have to replace the wick every so often and it can get annoying having to order more online since you just want the stuff right away cause there isn’t a smoke shop in every city. But if you follow these simple rules you’ll be able to have a great pen vaporizer to use daily. The ones that only take a couple hours to charge are the good ones you should stick to. But buying a new pen vaporizer isn’t that hard.

Who ever thought Marijuana Cured Cancer?

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With the Colorado state capitol building visible in the background, partygoers dance and smoke pot on the first of two days at the annual 4/20 marijuana festival in Denver, Saturday April 19, 2014. The annual event is the first 420 marijuana celebration since retail marijuana stores began selling in January 2014. (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)

It kills me to know some believe this herb cures cancer. There is evidence that it actually slows the cancer causing agents to form but doesn’t actually cure it.The whole misnomer for marijuana curing cancer was from people terminally ill needed this substance to actually survive their depression, lack of appetite and overall happiness. But as far as curing cancer it is actually still being studied.

The only tests ever where it showed the cure of cancer was from animals which is still a positive sign that marijuana is a cure for cancer. We all know that marijuana is a cure for many other diseases such as HIV, chronic pain, PTSD, depression and many other illnesses people cannot cope well without. Scientists have done tests where they had cancer cells in laboratory dishes where the THC actually slowed down the cancer tremendously. We all know the upsides of marijuana and how it is a natural remedy in many things we do to ourselves for instance of drinking alcohol, how it can cause severe brain damage but when you use an herbal vaporizer to concentrate your weed, you’re actually knocking out the brain damaging cells from the alcohol as it tries to cut the oxygen to your brain cells.


I don’t see how this can help but there is many studies that say the CBD inhibits human breast cancer cell proliferation and invasion. CBD has reduced tumor mass. There are other cancers such as prostate cancer, blood cancer, oral cancer and a few others that actually reduce the cell growth from the body that try to invade your internal organs with the disease called cancer.

Cannabinoids Kill Cancer Hype

It is a problem knowing that there are many different outlooks on this development but the fact is that all of the studies have been in vitro and animal studies which is called “preclinical data”, meaning they obtained before trying to treat in any clinic.

There is a difference though that makes this intriguing is the fact that THC and CBD are two different things. CBD is a cannabinoid found in marijuana and is perfect for treating many illnesses and it makes it attractive cause it doesn’t play a part as the common ingredient THC does to get you stoned.

The main point about this article is that there are many sources of information to go to and find all the information on if marijuana can actually cure cancer. There is a source you must read, it is very informative and has some good information that might help you with what you are trying to search for.

Vaporizers are changing the world!

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Many people love what an herbal vaporizer can provide for them. This is why there’s an influx in search engines since many people are looking for new vaporizers for sale to buy. I can tell you that there are many good things to say about how vaporizers are really beneficial and will actually help you when you need them for your medicine. People use vaporizers to take their medicine with and to get pure, flavorful canabiniods that combustion cannot provide the user. It filters many of the carcinogens inside the plant material as there are so many different chemicals that produce which ever method you actually choose to use. You just have to find out there best vaporizer that fits you, your budget and does for your health.

Is An Herbal Vaporizer A Smart Investment?

Marijuana is one of the most popular medicines today and there are a lot of people that don’t want to smoke it. The best way to go to get your medicine is using a vaporizer since there’s no other great way to feel the canabinoids do their job any quicker. Do think of buying a new herbal vaporizer as an investment that will in theory save you a lot of money in the long haul. There isn’t much risk, even if the vaporizer stops working, high quality ones come with long warranty. So there’s nothing really to loose, everyone should give it a try if you use any type of combustion methods . Just think over $10,000 a year in savings if you smoke weed or tobacco, you’ll still save a lot of good money. There are many high quality stores out there you just have to find it. Start by looking around online and using t he Google search engine to find good vaporizer stores online. Beware of the fake knockoff vaporizers they sell online.

Smoke Weed? Use a Herbal Vaporizer!

weed vaporizer reviewsEspecially if you’re a daily smoker, it would be best for you to research into buying an herbal vaporizer. Vaporizers focus specifically on the main active ingredient in the herbs you’re looking to vaporize with. The filtration of 95% of all carcinogens is also one of the added benefits to using an herbal vaporizer. Smoking daily, a user can inhale over a hundred different carcinogens found in cannabis. This is only found when combustion occurs with the flower material. When the heat vaporizes the THC cannabinoids, it releases the ingredient 100% into a rich, powerful, flavorful gas which is called vapor. When you notice that you increase the concentration of the THC by over 85%, this will allow you to save more money over time. If you smoke marijuana daily, you’ll save over $10,000 a year which adds up to $100k in over a decade. It might be a small investment, but it’ll be well worth the investment.

Different Types Of Herbal Vaporizers For Sale

There are many different types of herbal vaporizers you can buy out there. Portable vaporizers are the most popular type of vaporizer to buy for marijuana. You’ll be saving yourself lots of money even though it might seem a little expensive, it is well worth the investment. In 2 months it’ll pay for itself. It will also save you some trips to the Doctors office so you’re saving even more money. It is crucial that you know what to look for when you’re looking to buy a new herbal vaporizer. It is all about convenience for most people which is why we recommend you investing around $130 for a really nice portable vaporizer.

There are many places you can find a new herbal vaporizer but there are only a select few we like to shop out that offer quick services. is a really good online vaporizer shop to go to. You can find any type of name brand vaporizer for sale and they’re at lower prices than their competitors. You’ll save pretty good money and each vaporizer you buy will come with a warranty.

Drop The Cigarettes

portable vaporizer stop smoking

Smoking is becoming more and more obsolete, why is that?Cause many people are moving onto pen vaporizers, the best thing in the 21st century. Vaporizers are the key for being the healthier alternative instead of smoking cigarettes. Smoking increases your chances of many health risks and also is very costly. A bottle of e Juice costs only $4.99 at any gas station, it’ll last you a whole week if you are an everyday smoker. This adds up to over $6,000 a year in savings over time and you’ll be on cigarettes the rest of your life if you don’t think about moving over to pen vaporizers. There’s a plan everyone has to follow though when trying to move onto electronic cigarettes. We’ll guide you on the perfect pen vaporizer to buy.

The Stop Smoking Plan –

So here is how things will go; you get your pen vaporizer in the mail and you load it up with your favorite essential oils and that should last you over a week if you smoke everyday. There are oils that have a percentage of nicotine in them, usually around 2% which is the perfect amount to help tone down the smoking levels. Over time, you’ll be moving over to none nicotine levels to ultimately stop your bad smoking habits. Eventually you’ll gain enough sense to stop using combustion methods of inhaling deadly chemicals that’ll eventually get you put on a respirator. It is now time to act and do the right thing, just stop smoking!!!

portable vaporizer stop smoking

How Do I Find A Vaporizer?

We’re experts in this field we’ve tested and reviewed almost ever vaporizer in the marketplace. We’re going to guide you to the best vaporizer for you to use. You should take our proven advice. There are many really good vaporizers out there but many of the rest are unreliable and don’t really provide a good user experience.

Cloud V Vaporizer is actually a pretty nice pen style vaporizer. It is small and sleek and very reliable. It is a wick-less pen vaporizer and comes in many different colors. Doesn’t need cartridge to work it just charges up to the wall and starts working with a press of the button. This is a pretty good high quality pen vaporizer.

The Micro Vaped Pen vaporizer is an amazing vaporizer for daily smokers. If you’re trying to loose the cigarettes and have a daily habit, this is the perfect vaporizer to help stop you from smoking everyday. If you want a great vaporizer that is a skillet type, you should just buy this vaporizer for sale. It is under $70 and would be a great investment.

Buying the G Pen vaporizer is a good idea if you’re trying to loose the cigarettes. This was in the High Times top 10 oil pen vaporizers for daily smokers. This is similar to the micro vaped pen vaporizer in many ways. It is a wick less vaporizer that uses a skillet-like heating device to vaporize your favorite essential oils and waxes. The oils could be very liquidy or thick and it’ll do the job.

These 3 pen vaporizers should be the exact type of vaporizers you need to stop smoking. There are all reliable, don’t use cartridges and are wick-less, perfect for durability and long-lasting use. Buy these vaporizers for under $70 each. Prices vary depending on which site you shop at. Go to to get the lowest deals on all pen vaporizers.